Why PS1 and PS2 discs on PS4 doesn’t sound so crazy

Since rumors suggested Sony might bring PS1 and PS2 emulation to the PS4, some suggested even running old discs might be possible. It might sound impossible to many, but it really isn’t.

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ColManischewitz1460d ago

I still have to finish Final Fantasy XII. I would love to do so on my PS4.

Lwhit61460d ago

I still have to beat the first Ratchet and Clank! That'd be sweet on my PS4

Retroman1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

finally beat supreme executive chairman DRAX from R&C 1 the way he'll be in the NEW 2015 ratchet an clank game .

Becuzisaid1459d ago

Might as well wait. They're remaking the first one for ps4 to coincide with the new movie next year.

Transporter471460d ago

I love FF XII. I want an HD Remaster of that game.

MRMagoo1231460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

How have you not beaten ffxii yet? the hunting for monsters around the world was such a good addition.

When ever I get the need to play some ps1 games or ps2 games I just turn on my ps1 or 2 lol.

Transporter471460d ago

I just turn on my PS3 60gb edition ;)

MRMagoo1231460d ago

no my fat ps3 is for ps3 only I dont wanna wear any of them out, plus the ps1 and ps2 play their respective games flawlessly the emulator has bugs some times.

Transporter471459d ago


Well it doesn't emulate it on the original it has its own PS2 chip in it. The 80gb had the emulation thing.

3-4-51459d ago

Couldn't they install an app that searches for something found only on a disc and use that to verify the game is real/legit and then proceed to let you play it via emulation that way ?

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mrpsychoticstalker1460d ago

Is not happening, the system was not designed for it

Eonjay1460d ago

I sure the PS4 can emulate the PS2. And well, even phone can do the PS1. I hope Sony makes this happen.

Genova841460d ago

Meant to hit agree, not disagree. Stupid "smart" phones!

mmc-0071460d ago

Do I smell panic mr xbot ^^

Muzikguy1460d ago

Anything can pretty much emulate PS1. I've had an emulator on every computer I've had and laptops. PS2 has a very good running emulator on PC I'm sure it would work on PS4 as well. I'd love for this to happen, although it's hard to find discs for these systems. Maybe let us play them digitally? That would be cool! I do still have the original RE, FF7, FF9, FFTactics, and Deception discs for PS1. Awesome games

XtraTrstrL1460d ago

It's an emulator, the system doesn't have to be designed for it. The emulator would just be run on the AMD APU in the system, the same way the emulator would be run on a PC with an APU or regular CPU/GPU. It'd just be slightly altered to run on the FreeBSD-based OS of the PS4.

SoapShoes1459d ago

Oh that must be why Xbone still has DRM and fees on used games... Oh wait..

spacedelete1459d ago

you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. my phone can run PS1 games perfectly and most PCs can run PS2 games and have no PS2 hardware inside. stop spouting what you have no clue about.

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darkronin2291460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

That'd be cool if Sony could do it. Then again, most of the PS1/PS2 games I care about are already on the PS Store or have an HD version that I can buy, so I probably wouldn't use this feature all that much.

Muzikguy1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

There are a lot of PS1/PS2 games that I like that aren't in the store yet. T PS store is also different for the PS4. Previous purchases won't work as far as I know. I hope they make it so they do somehow, that way every thing that's bought continues to work even on future consoles. You know, like a "steam" account in a way. This would be good for Sony IMO because of their ever growing catalog of awesome games. (And not so awesome ones too)

DeadlyOreo1460d ago

But wouldn't this make their Playstation Now obsolete? They're not going to do this.

uth111460d ago

even the Playstation TV has PS1 local emulation (and PS2 according to some sources). My understanding was that PS Now was for PS3 games.

Summons751460d ago

It's what they should have done since day 1. The Ps4 registers Ps3 games but they 'can't be run', they just want to suck the money out of gamers with their overpriced PSNow. If they wanted they could find a way to make the ps4 backward compatible. Same with the Xbox.

uth111460d ago

PS4 will never be backwards compatible with PS3 because they moved to a different architecture, and software emulation requires significant overhead. If they were to add PS3 compatibility to PS4, they'd pretty much have to embed a PS3 inside which would add quite a bit to the cost.

spoonard1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

The PS4 is easily powerful enough to handle PS1/PS2 emulation.

uth111460d ago

yes, but probably not PS3

XtraTrstrL1460d ago

I think the 8-10x power difference is enough, but maybe not if they want to do it with their own coders. They'd have to have one of the hacker kids that know what they're doing create it. With them not even having the easier PS1/PS2 emulation going yet though, and PS Now being mainly for PS3 games - I don't see it happening. These companies are too concerned with getting more $$ out of us, and they wouldn't be getting much payoff doing that.

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