DualShock 4, Keyboard & Mouse on an Android? Here's Video Proof

In this video you will see the Titan One being used wirelessly with a Playstation 4 DualShock 4 controller to play a first person shooter on an Android Smartphone. You will also see footage of him using a keyboard and mouse on the same game. Also featured is a rapid fire mod from one of our existing GamePacks and a wired Playstation 3 DualShock 3 controller being used for the same game.

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LackTrue4K1494d ago

dam!!!!! that's a dirty a55 controller and keyboard and mouse....looks nasty.

jujubee881494d ago

I'll take my PSVITA over this any day :P

lukemul691494d ago

Prefer using my iPhone with Controllers For All installed from Cydia.

Rockefellow1494d ago

Why do we need proof? People have been able to get their PS4 controllers working on Android since near launch.

Ninjatogo1494d ago

This. A simple OTG cable is all that's needed for the DS4.

spacedelete1494d ago

you don't need any cable for it to work. it works wirelessly.

jwm21494d ago

If you notice the rapid fire mods also work on this which IMO is pretty cool. Also the phone is unrooted and not running any special software. The keyboard and mouse feature is probably the most interesting feature of this video. It just shows how powerful the device is and what it may be capable of.