Hideo Kojima Wants People to Die While Playing Silent Hills

Hideo Kojima wants to set the record straight. Saying that he wanted to scare people to death through Silent Hills was actually a mistranslation. It turns out that Hideo Kojima literally wants people to die while playing Silent Hills. At Gamescom 2014, reports of people being unable to finish the demo made Kojima smile. Partnering with director Guillermo del Toro on the new entry in the horror franchise, the legendary game designer told people that he hoped people would shit their pants while playing Silent Hills. (Satire)

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SaveFerris1427d ago

I believe that you crap your pants when you die, huh?

Maybe this game needs a health warning for those with weak hearts?

dcj05241426d ago

P.T had it "Caution to those with heart problems".

hiredhelp1427d ago

You know i really loved resident evil 1 the game kept me on edge but when i first played the very first silent hill on psx also lets just say my hair stood up back my neck.
Knowing was on my own light was off no sound other than the game. It didnt take too long when i decided turning in the light or taking a coffee break was best.

cfc781427d ago

As long as it's not like Resi 6 where I died laughing.

scark921427d ago

I hope Resident Evil 'comes back from the dead' :D

cfc781427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

You and me both m8 im crying out for some great Resident Evil games and horror seems to be on the up and up it's everywhere so far this gen so hopefully Capcom jumps aboard and delivers something great.


Capcoms in no position really not to give fans what they want any more so you never know.

DarkOcelet1427d ago

That resident evil remaster good be a sign on how the next resident evil might be like .

scark921427d ago

Yeah hopefully, I just a scary Resi game! Is that too much to ask Capcom hmmm!?

scark921427d ago

Out of all the games I own on PS3, I hate Resident Evil 6 the most, I bought that full price! :(

DarkOcelet1427d ago

Believe me when i say we all felt into the hype , i mean even though resident evil 5 was not horror but it was a great action game and weapon customization and whatnot were great but in resident evil 6 every thing became codified , no upgradable weapons , zombies with gun , enemies that just wont stay down and dont let me start talking on that pain in the neck final boss of Leon , i really never hated a resident evil that much after a boss battle , heck i never hated a game like that after a boss battle but it was just too much , brings me shiverness by just remembering how horrible he was .. but honestly the mercenaries was still good and the counter was awesome even though i killed everything when i mastered it , it never got old but other than that , the campaign were horrible but i liked the new characters , especially jake , he was awesome and piers ... :( honestly chris campaign ending was sad , he is been through alot .

Godmars2901427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Better hope no one does: He'll be charged with murder.

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