When Veteran Game Developers Launch Bad Kickstarters

Ahmad Khan writes: "The last few weeks have been interesting because of three Kickstarter projects: Umdlalo, Auraspark and of course Night Trap Revamped. The people behind these projects are game developers that have vast experience in video game industry, but ended up launching really bad Kickstarter projects. Now, to be fair, roughly half of Kickstarter’s video game projects fail and a number of these are launched by industry veterans. However, it is important for both backers and indie game developers on Kickstarter and IndieGogo to take a step back from time to time and make note of the factors that often play critical role is the success of a project, or in these cases failure."

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garyanderson1428d ago

Couple of those seem pretty scammy to me.

mananimal1428d ago

It's the same as it always been since the beginning of's about the $$$.....they get fools to buy in 2 there flawed vision. ..."fools" rush in ....

And as long as you have sincere fools, you will have sincerely corrupt humans to take advantage.