1TB SSHD vs Stock HD comparison for the PS4

Pete Dodd of DoddScientifics discusses the differences when upgrading the Stock HD in the PS4 to an SSHD. Is it worth your time and money?

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SoldierX1495d ago

you should have bought a second PS4 you would of got 1TB of storage and two ps4s.

Wildarmsjecht1495d ago

Not to mention 2 different ways to play Destiny.

I fail to see the downside of this arrangement, nice idea lol

SuperBlur1495d ago

except he didnt , the 1tb SSD HD is what cost more then a ps4 , he got a SSHD which is a hybrid between a hd and a ssd .. its faster then a reg HD for slower then a SSD .. but the tech is relatively new , we'll know of its reliability in at least 3-5 years from now

mixolydian_id1494d ago

Sshds aren't as good as people make out.

They have 8gb NAND flash storage. 16£ pen stick for those who don't know.
Frequently run files get stored there for quick ssd style read and writes.

Problem is, games are 50gb's.

I fail to see any advantage to these drives. 8 gig is enough to store the standard boot sequence and ui. Games will be exactly the same, unless one game is the only thing you do. What's to say the ps4 OS even accepts the drivers from the sshd?

Locknuts1495d ago

Or an Xbox One or Wii U.

Software_Lover1495d ago

large SSD's are a waste of money IMHO. I use a 256gb for my windows install, but my games are stored on a 3tb HDD. I just don't see the gains worth it for the dollar amount they are asking right now.

XtraTrstrL1495d ago

The gain isn't much, because that's an SSHD. An SSD is much faster. An SSHD is actually worth it, because it's almost the same price as a regular HDD, and gives a noticeable boost, nowhere near SSD, but worth it for the slight increase in price over an HDD.

Software_Lover1495d ago

I apologize, I completely read the title wrong.

GameSpawn1495d ago

SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drives) still do have benefits over conventional HDDs.

What irritates me about every single SSHD vs. Stock test done is that they don't attempt multiple startups and loads. SSHDs really shine once they cache data, so starting your PS4 or games up for the 2nd or 3rd time will be faster than the time before.

SSHD's are no strangers to diminishing returns though. Eventually the cache will fill and spill over causing more cache misses and performance will bounce back to Stock levels. Erratic use doesn't help either as completely random play behavior will reduce the overall effectiveness of the cache.

At BEST SSHDs will give you ALMOST SSD performance (maybe a few extra seconds) and at the WORST you'll have slightly better than stock performance, but hopefully you'll average out on the faster side of things (again this depends on your play style and how well the cache can hold the most used data).

In the end SSHD's are not much more expensive per GB than conventional drives and are still LOADS cheaper per GB than SSDs.

When you have a choice:
1TB/8GB SSHD for about $100
1TB SSD for about $500
Which would you pick - money DEFINITELY being an object?

BTW - Here is a much better comparison:

They take into account the SSHD cache's gains on repetitive access.

iheartSONY1494d ago

@GameSpawn If you read the article the author states that he ran each game/start-up 5 times so that the SSHD holds the appropriate files in the SSD portion. So I think his SSHD vs Stock was a good comparison.

XtraTrstrL1494d ago


Yeah, they usually run the tests a few times when doing SSHD comparisons. I didn't even notice he said he ran it 5 times, but I assumed it was ran a few times. Otherwise, he'd have been a complete amateur.

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Myze1495d ago

While I agree large SSDs are too costly to be worth it, there are many games that take HUGE advantage of it. 256gb is plenty big enough to put quite a few games on it (afterall, what else are you doing with the other 250+gb after Windows install?). All games don't need or won't benefit much from an SSD, but it's nice to have one for games that do (which are WAY too many to list here).

KwietStorm1495d ago

A large SSD, yes. But I have a 1TB SSHD in my PS4, and it was only $109.

George Sears1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

A small SSD will suffer greatly with the PS4 since there is no TRIM command at all. This is why I prefer Hybrid for PS4 atm. Not to mention the difference in costs.

XtraTrstrL1495d ago

I wouldn't get an SSD in general, too much opportunity for it to fail in a short period of time. You'd have to get the more expensive ones, just to ensure it doesn't die on you in like a year or 2. Standard HDD or SSHD is the way to go, with SSHD being in the best Goldie Lox zone. The only issue I have is that 2TB 2.5in bay SSHDs aren't standard yet, it's mainly 1-1.5TB SSHDs you'll find. I'm waiting for it to hit 2TB more broadly across the board, where I can just go to Amazon and pick a 4.5-5 star 2TB SSHD for cheap. I want atleast 4x the storage I have now if I'm upgrading.

NobleRed1495d ago

The Toshiba Hybrid Drive is faster than the seagate.

isarai1495d ago

All that money is not worth the 2-10sec reduced load times.

KwietStorm1495d ago

All what money? I think 10 seconds shaved off loading times for $10-20 more is easily worth it.

isarai1495d ago

since when does a 1TB SSD cost $10-$20?

BlackWolf121495d ago

SSHD are much more expensive than an equivalent HDD.

SuperBlur1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I've seen a few 1tb SSHD go for the same price as the regular HD of the same size. The exact reliability is still unknown at this point since the tech is somewhat new

1tb SSHD :

1tb HD :

price difference isn't THAT much =]

KwietStorm1495d ago

Ok you already misread the title and thought it was SSD. Read my comment again, and don't speed read. I didn't say it cost $10-20.

Spotie1495d ago

Since we're taking hybrids, not straight SSDs.

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