5 exclusive games that aren’t any more and why we’re better off for it

Rise of the Tomb Raider is now exclusive to Xbox for a limited time. Let's look at what other games were exclusive and what happened to them when they released on other platforms.

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Knightshade1457d ago

True! Don't forget that MGS5 is also coming to Steam as well. PC gamers win out too.

Strangelover1457d ago

Don't forget Grim Fandango, DayZ, Vanishing of Ethan Karter, Goat Simulator, Half-life 2

s45gr321456d ago

Day Z ummm not sure yes it has been announced for consoles since last year and one time Hawken was announced for xbox one and PS4 but it doesn't mean is coming to consoles same with the vanishing of ethan carter. Now among the sleep is coming to PS4, the game developer sent me an email to inform me that they are developing it for the PS4. I kickstart that game I highly recommended for being a survival horror game from the point of a two year old kid. Goat simulator is available on mobile devices so you are correct about that

mynd1457d ago

"Grand Theft Auto was once exclusive to PlayStation consoles, not by way of partnership between Sony and Rockstar, but just because the company developed on one platform first."


Rebel_Scum1457d ago

Yeah posts are better if you give reasoning behind your statement.

Rebel_Scum1454d ago

Yep, adds some context to what your saying.

Summons751457d ago

Final Fantasy? Are you one of those kids who believes Final Fantasy was a PlayStation exclusive? It started on Nintendo, went to Playstation/PC, had a couple exclusives on Ps1/2 but it's never truly been an exclusive.

Tiqila1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

"Here’s five games that made (and are making) the switch from being exclusive to one platform."

where exactly does the author imply that they have been playstation exclusives? (like FF IX/X/X-II/XII)

"The first Final Fantasy released on an Xbox platform was in 2006 with Final Fantasy 11: Online. The original Xbox came out in 2005."

thats a fact, what is your point?

Darkwatchman1457d ago

his point is that the franchise started off as a Nintendo exclusive..

Summons751456d ago

The point is he is making it sound like that was the first time the franchise jumped to another console, which is false.

Rebel_Scum1457d ago

Article doesn't say it was exclusive to PS or SNES. Each FF was originally released exclusively to one system with only FFXIII being the exception.

Which FF went on PC? Have to say this article was poorly written.

s45gr321456d ago

Final Fantasy 3,8,and 7 on sale; the rest are emulated.

SaveFerris1457d ago

I disagree with Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid improving due to it becoming multi-platform. FFXIII on 360 and Ground Zeros on Xbox One showed graphical differences with their generation counterparts.

Lon3wolf1456d ago

Seems the article misses that a lot of those titles appeared on PC too, not sure what they are classing as exclusive.