Metal Gear Solid 4 Title Screen Scene

From G4:

"Were you so quick to hit start in Metal Gear Solid 4 that you missed the scene that plays out with Snake in the graveyard?

If so, watch it here."

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Rammstien_DuHast3812d ago

I think he is paying his respects to Big Boss(his father) or maybe someone else or maybe that was his grave and was ready to go after this last mission i don't know just started the game 20min ago don't know, all i know is this game is F'ing awsome love Octocamo thankyou Kojima-san

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akaFullMetal3811d ago

mgs4 is awesome, but where is that surprise that is suppose to come about mgs??? from sony????

zalifer3810d ago

The grave he kneels at is that of Big Boss, which lies beside the grave of The boss. I have finished the game and the whole thing is a masterpiece.