The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition Cardboard Panic is Needless

Hardcore Gamer: It's almost as if CD Projekt was trying to please a supportive partner without compromising their design with needless exclusives like DLC and in-game rewards.

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ValKilmer1492d ago

Much like Rise of the Tomb Raider, if the PS4 version was exclusively getting the cards, everybody would be ecstatic.

LogicLee1492d ago

Probably. Lots of Microsoft hate going around.

-Foxtrot1492d ago

Still doesn't excuse why the other two editions are the same price as the version getting more content included.

If they just lowered the price of the PS4/PC versions then all of this could of been quickly sorted

LogicLee1492d ago

I agree, but the extra stuff is being paid for by Microsoft. If anything, they're to blame for this mess.