Skipping a Madden 15 Demo for EA Access Loses EA Some of the Goodwill It's Earned

Coinciding with the recent announcement that EA Access is now available to all Xbox One owners, EA revealed that it will not release a demo for the upcoming Madden NFL 15 (as it typically does for Madden every year). EA says this is because it chose to keep its focus on development of the game, rather than diverting resources to the creation of a demo. Given that EA Access offers early access to the company's games--Madden 15 being the first such game--it's going to be hard for fans to buy that excuse, and I can't blame them.

Chris Pereira: Was really excited for EA Access when it was first announced, and remain intrigued by parts of it. While Chris Pereira don't think anyone should be crazy about companies' attempts to take ownership out of our hands as consumers, this was positioned in an optional way.

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DarkOcelet1213d ago

Its really wasnt necessary for them to include the demo only in EA access as it will not bode well with everyone , and am pretty sure they will do these from here on out with all their games . And anyway guys why do you keep buying these sports iterations every year , there is hardly any difference but you keep shelling out 60$ on a game that was 99% similar to the last one , sigh ...

sonarus1213d ago

Ea is a company that disappoints me. I respect the FIFA series for stepping its game up particularly in the ps3 era. Ps2 era I couldn't stand FIFA and only played winning 11/ pes/ iss. Konami never had the original license so ea couldn't just pay FIFA to shut them out. They had to work hard to make a better soccer game so I respect that.

I still mourn the nfl 2k series. It's crazy that after nearly 10 yrs ppl would still rather play a 10 yr old football game than new madden. Madden is a ripoff with weak or minor improvements every yr but I still buy cus it's the only football gm on the market. What ea did bribing nfl to shut down 2k series should be criminal.

thunderbird861213d ago

Jesus...ok, the NFL wants it this way. It puts more money in their pocket, and in the pocket of the NFLPA. Don't put all the blame on EA.

sonarus1212d ago

yea nfl deserves the blame for taking that money. However the deal has had no effect on nfl and has only affected gamers. EA could step up by maybe trying to make a competent football game and not just minor improvements but they wnt because of no competition.

qwerty6761213d ago

"And anyway guys why do you keep buying these sports iterations every year"

no point to ask that here, most madden fans don't browse n4g.

thunderbird861213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Only people who don't play the games say there is no difference. Wonder why that is? There's no difference in COD, but people buy the heck out of that EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

ltachiUchiha1213d ago

Thats because most people who are hardcore COD fans only play that game. They are a casual crowd but COD fanatics. I haven't enjoyed a COD game since COD 4. Played the latest one & it sucks.

objdadon1213d ago

So a basketball game from 2013 is still a basketball game in 2014? Who would have expected that? Lol!

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johny51213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Goodwill? Explain....

ltachiUchiha1213d ago

Huge Madden fan but will skip this Madden & prolly redbox it. Dont need publishers trying to tell me where to play a demo.

thunderbird861213d ago

LOL. Publishers are the ones making the demo. They've been telling you for years.

tgunzz1213d ago

Looking forward to early access of madden 15.

iceman061213d ago

Definitely the case with me. I am one who will play the demo to see if I purchase Madden. Because of the history with the game, no matter how many videos and hype trailers I see, I have to experience it. If I like what I play then I buy it. The same goes with FIFA except that it actually has some competition. If neither has a demo, chances are my money will go elsewhere.

GoPanthers9991213d ago

Can't wait to play the demo, enjoying M25 on EA Access. Will play side by side to see if worth the upgrade, or wait until next year to get on Access.

iceman061213d ago

Come back and give us a report.

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