Co-Op, Stealth and Assassin Customization Revealed in a New Assassin's Creed Unity Video

For those curious as to how some of the gameplay mechanics in Assassin’s Creed Unity worked, Creative Director Alex Amancio discusses co-op, stealth and assassin customization in a new video.

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Mike_D821403d ago

Sounds like splinter cell with assassins creed.....I'm in.

starchild1403d ago

That's very true. It now has proper stealth mechanics a la Splinter Cell. I've been wanting this for the series since the first game. Assassin's Creed Unity is now pretty much my dream game (or at least the closest that has ever been made): an open world stealth game with RPG elements. Can't wait.

bixxel1402d ago

Plus it has missions design exactly like Hitman Blood Money,which is awesome!

AtariFanboy1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

That's the microtransactions that everyone is bitching about? Its barely anything. People just complaining to complain.

skulz71403d ago

Exactly. Yes microtransactions are horrible but they are merely time saving packs (which were in AC 4 as well)

You can still buy everything with in game money. People just join hate bandwagons. Ac unity is looking up to be an incredible game.

starchild1403d ago

Yep, many in the gaming community are very prone to jumping on hate bandwagons.

I have no problem with microtransactions when they are totally optional like this.

Knushwood Butt1403d ago

Getting more interested in this, but want to know if the combat still sucks.

starchild1403d ago

I've always loved the combat in the AC games. It's not very challenging, but it looks and feels so cinematic and badass.

If they can make it more challenging while still maintaining those qualities then great. But challenge isn't the main reason I play games. If challenge was the most important thing to me I would probably be doing logic puzzles or something like that instead of playing games.

I play games to explore virtual worlds packed with wall-to-wall art and to enjoy the narrative and game interactions. And if the gameplay mechanics are fun I don't really care how hard or easy they are. Dying more doesn't make a game more enjoyable to me. I've beaten plenty of hard games in my days (original Ninja Gaiden trilogy, Dark Souls, etc), but I honestly don't want all games to be like that. There is room for different kinds of games.

Knushwood Butt1402d ago

Sure, but if the combat is like it was in AC2, I have to question why it is there at all; the game would have been more fun without it.

Anyway, I've only ever played and beaten AC2. The ones that came after it just didn't look like much of an improvement. ACU is looking like the game I've been waiting for.

My other wish for this is to be able to select French voice acting with English subs; sorry, but being in Paris and hearing northern England accents from the crowd just throws the atmoshpere right off for me, but each to their own!