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The_Blue1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


All these DLC updates are free, thats how it should be!

pompombrum1430d ago

Still annoyed that there is no heists but the trailer for this at least was pretty cool.

herpderpasshole1430d ago


304 days without heists. Rockstar, Thanks for free update, but we still remember what you promised.

xPhearR3dx1430d ago

$20 says they will release when the next-gen version releases. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was next-gen only just to get people to buy the game.

camel_toad1430d ago

Ha no way in hell would they make the heists next-gen only. That would
be total suicide. They may have jerked everyone around with heists but thatd be plain 'ol criminal.

-Foxtrot1430d ago

I know, the big selling point for the online was heists

People are only letting them off because it's's kind of annoying

Not even some big ass single player DLC

DoctorFry1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

1) Heists were not the main selling point. People were being hedonistic towards GTAO's initial release because of the aggregation of what seemed to be endless possibilities present in the multiplayer: Owning your own apartment and showroom garage; owning, insuring, and customizing personal vehicles; inaugurating a crew with your friends; player customization, robbing mini-marts; content creator and more were all hyped besides heists. Under Rockstar's pretensions, the multiplayer would be a living world, that all online players can exploit. It gave the impression of a light GTA MMO in a way.

2) Are you not aware that Rockstar is currently working on a story dlc set to be released soon in 2014? How are you not cognitive of this? Click the link to Rockstar's newswire, and scroll down to the bottom where it reads, "Coming in 2014: Story mode updates." It's fact; they are CURRENTLY working on a story dlc, so quit being ignorant.

1430d ago
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