THE X-RUMORS 6/12/08 - More Socom Details

Weapon X of The Bitbag writes, "There are two different SKUs for the game. One will come with a brand new blu-tooth headset that is equipped with two mics and has sound canceling technology all for 59.99. The other SKU will be just the game only for 39.99. Not a bad deal right? As far as when retailers will get beta passes has not been determined as of yet but what I do know is that Sony is working with one of the retail stores to get as many recruits as possible to join the fight."

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ATLRoAcH3841d ago

...on They just added it. What a rumor. Just go to and browse the "upcoming games" section and you will find everything that this guy has as a rumor. I don't think hes much of an insider.

Silogon3841d ago

Resistance 2 and Bio shock on the same day, huh? Wonder which one is going to get slaughtered in sales and be a memory? It's almost as if Sony doesn't want to have 2k back for Bio shock 2.

Mistake, Sony.

Wildarmsjecht3840d ago

How is it Sonys fault? MS paid for timed exclusive. If anything its 2ks fault for taking the money and not releasing multiplat. If they wanna bring it out a year later, in the fall season when theres a crapton of good games coming out, thats their fault. Whats sony supposed to do, tell them to hold Resistance back for Bioshock? The demand for R2 is higher than Bio. Not to say it isn't a good game, but it's just not gonna have any sort of impact that would make 2k deeply consider multiplat anymore than what they already have in mind: which is probably timed again for MS with all their money hatting.

Lucas223841d ago

how much do think just the headset will cost?

ATLRoAcH3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I don't know but you get a better deal if you get it with Socom. I'd guess like $40 for the headset alone. Thats how it was with the Jabra that came with Warhawk.

PoSTedUP3841d ago

appreciate the info weaponX, keep doing your thing. peace. stay strong.

eagle213840d ago

I know I am getting the game.