WWE's John Cena on 'WWE 2K15': 'The gameplay looks unreal' was fortunate enough to catch up with John Cena to speak with him about his experience working on WWE 2K15 as well as how impressed he was by the game's single-player campaign, Career Mode.


Editor's Note: The context in which John Cena said the game looked unreal was as in really impressive. He raved about the game's visuals when we spoke with him. Please do not misconstrue the headline as something he said in a negative tone, that would be out of context and incorrect.

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averagejoe261460d ago

Well that's not good... I'm sure the developers were going for realism

Lightning Mr Bubbles1459d ago

Damn, I would be put in jail, for saying what I think about the WWE these days. Boy do I hate it.

FsterThnFTL1459d ago

Yeah same here. I stopped watching WWE after CM Punk left.

Ripsta7th1459d ago

@Faster- what did CM punk do to keep you entertained? Did all of a a sudden you realized it it was fake or wat? (Serious question btw)

DirtyLary1459d ago

Great a guy that has financial interest in a game says it looks unreal. Didn't see that one coming.

Zefros1459d ago

unreal yh, thats what i said when brock killed you haha.

Heisenburger1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

That was way too satisfying for me. To the point where I almost felt bad for how much I enjoyed it. There really was no other way to do it. He beat Undertaker. People would not accept John Cena being better than the guy who beat Taker. Pretty smart move.

ZombieGamerMan1459d ago

That's the problem people are too fixated on not liking Cena that they forget that the one guy who should NOT have the belt who is a disgrace to it has it right now and I do mean Brock Lesnar. A man that does not care for the business and is there cause the WWE is paying him a lot of money to just fight a couple matches.

Say what you will about Cena but the man at least gives a damn about the company and if he was to lose the belt he should have lost it to someone who is a rising star and not a guy who's already made a name for himself in wrestling and UFC

Heisenburger1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )


I like Brock Lesnar. So needless to say I disagree with most *of your post. I respect the hell out of Cena as an athlete and as a person(specifically his work with the make a wish foundation, and how he doesn't let cameras around when he's doing it), but not as a wrestler. He is sloppy and I have found his little persona obnoxious since day one. I think what I said makes sense about how could John Cena beat the guy that ended Taker? The implication being that John Cena is way better that Taker? In no fantasy is it even close. Now of course you did mention that someone who is an up and comer should have the belt. I can appreciate that.

What I hope they do is use the build up of Lesnar, having defeated Taker, and destroyed Cena, to build up some of the younger guys. If Cena stays out of the picture it could really make for some interesting matches. I had the thought yesterday that if Brock won and Rollins cashed in on him, how that could make his career. That is still a possibility. I 100% agree with building up some of the other talent. I've been a Ziggler guy for years. You have Jericho coming back JUST to get Bray over. It's not all bad, it just often seems that way.

DirtyLary1459d ago

Gotta keep Lesnar happy in house. During the Heyman interview on The MMA Hour, he said Brock still has the UFC itch but WWF is keeping him happy.

ocelot071459d ago

I know the guy is a beast but I didn't realise my World Wildlife Foundations donations where going towards keeping him happy.

DirtyLary1459d ago

Sorry Mr. Serious . WWE or whatever the kiddie show is called these days.

Slosh1459d ago

People clearly don't read the article because he says " It looks ridiculous, it’s something if someone else was playing it, I would [stop and] watch, that’s how good it is." So he is not complaining.

Goddamn click bait

DxTrixterz1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

I hope we will be able to German suplex him 16 times.

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