Console Exclusives Are More Important Than Ever and Here's Why

While console exclusivity has a long history in the console industry, this current generation of consoles and gamers sees a surprising change that may make this variation of console exclusives a defining mark of the current-gen.

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FITgamer1495d ago

I don't see Rise of the Tomb Raider, boosting X1 sales much, if at all. If anything it gives gamers who are not X1 owners another reason to dislike Microsoft.

Geekman1495d ago

It's just business. And if people already disliked Microsoft they would've continued disliking them if the game was multiplat or PS4 exclusive.

FITgamer1495d ago

Yeah it's shady business.

UltimateMaster1495d ago

Microsoft keep penny pinching their moneybag exclusive to the point where exclusive developers like Crytek can't pay their employees.

sonarus1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Well lets wait and see how it performs before we speculate too much about sales. Rise of Tomb Raider is still first good tomb raider in a while. I didn't even bother with it when it first came out but decided to try it when i had the chance on PS4 due to lack of better games.

I actually disagree almost completely with this titles. Exclusives are great and all but to be completely realistic, the highest selling games on ps3 and Xbox 360 are multiplatform. Currently, Highest selling game on PS4 and Xbox 1 is multiplatform. Best selling game at the end of this yr will likely be multiplatform (Destiny is my guess). All this evidence tells me is that the argument that exclusives are the primary determinant for console sales is wrong. I believe it has more to do with price factor and which games are my friends playing on.

Now if a major multiplatform title like COD or grand theft auto went exclusive. That would likely shift substantial consoles. Anything else is likely minimal (titanfall for instance)

SaveFerris1495d ago

It will be interesting to see if MS continues this practice with other franchises this gen, because SONY will likely have to do the same to counter it but they don't have the same financial resources.

DanielGearSolid1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Sony might not have as much as MS but I'm sure they can afford deals like this. They're still a multi billion dollar company

If they do it, I hope its for new IPs.
Taking multiplats away from fans on other platforms is just slimy

Manic20141495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Well, you still can't overlook Sony from doing this, they have done it before, they may do it again (SoulCalibur III). though with all this backlash i think this would be the last deal we see, hopefully.

Elda1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Sony doesn't have to do anything this is why PS has made a name for itself by being in it's own box serving originality & diversity.With Sony's 1st party studios & slew of independent dev throwing exclusives on their platform there is no need for Sony to waste their money to buy multi-plat games to make exclusive or timed exclusive.Those practices are worthless,selfish & desperate.

Manic20141495d ago

You realise Sony had done this type of deal, way before MS did? No matter who does this, it's a horrible practice.

BitbyDeath1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

@Mmehta, not saying you are wrong or anything but links to backup your statements would be nice, might get more agrees then ;-)

Manic20141495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

No problem, It's been ten years could not find much on the situation, but considering the SC games prior to Soul Calibur 3 were multiplatform, then this was a lifetime exclusive on PS2, it's pretty clear Sony bought exclusive rights.

SaveFerris1495d ago

Call it fanboy thinking, but I don't think SONY are the kind of company that would've done the same deal for ROTTR if offered. Sure, they have secured exclusivity for smaller games with Indie developers but many of these games are also coming to PC with some releasing at the same time. Microsoft indie titles for the most part seem to be Xbox only.

As you have mentioned, SONY is bringing a wide variety of games to the PS3 and PS4 and that is why there are courting indie developers, even partnering with some for exclusivity.

I don't think SONY tries to buy up every indie ip, and I think they don't seem to mind it ending up on PC, but they do try to prevent it coming out on Xbox (sometimes timed exclusive). I guess it comes down to the deal made with the developer.

BitbyDeath1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

@saveferris, Sony don't need to. If they were in MS position then they might.

@mmehta, just read those links but none state they were paid by Sony. Being a Japanese game may equate to why this title went exclusive. Any others?

Manic20141494d ago

That does not really matter, Even MS has not stated they did not pay, but they had an agreement. Being a Japanese game does not really make sense for them to restrict the game to one platform same goes for RoTR. It's obvious Sony paid for the exclusive at the time. Same goes for MGS4, Kojima stated that the data in the game is to enormous, but yet they still are making MGS5 for 360.

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nippletwister1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Because we can't compare consoles anymore between which one has free online and which doesn't, and other anti-consumer shit, due to both manufacturers following the other in anti-consumer decisions/practices one way or another?
(Yes, i am ignoring Nintendo, fug you Wii U)

colonel1791495d ago

The only two exclusives that I wish PS4 had are Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. I don't care about exclusive anymore other than first party.

If you notice, all the cancer of gaming (DLC, pre-order exclusives, micro-transactions) are often much more abused by third parties. They are very greedy, so having a third party exclusive or timed exclusive from a very high profile game such as Tomb Raider, means only one thing: GREED. People is thinking that Square Enix is going to lose money by having the game exclusive to Xbox One, but really, this is not the case. On the contrary, they'll benefit from the deal money-wise, and then release it on PS4 and PC to make even more money.

Also, there's no better exclusives that the ones made by first party. They know the hardware the most and they usually have the most quality of them all. Just look at The Last of Us versus a third party game, the same even applies to Xbox.

Daniel_Potter1495d ago

It's actually more likely that FFXV and KH3 will come to pc and become fully multiplatform
Considering that both are developed on directx11 and with recent Square Enix financial problems, I doubt X1 and PS4 alone will be able to sell well enough. And considering that none will release on last gen, they will probably get released on pc.

rextraordinaire1495d ago

What would it change if xbox owners also have a way to enjoy FFXV and KH3 ?

That wouldn't prevent you from enjoying those games on ps4, would it?

edqe1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I don't understand why we need exclusives bought by money. It is understandable if there are technical reasons not to publish the games to other platforms.

More games for gamers the better.

I really hope Valve is going to be successful with SteamOS and stays away from exclusives. Open platform for gamers.

incendy351495d ago

Making AAA games is an expensive and risky business. So many studios either go bankrupt for close shop lately. Microsoft offered CD a way to make their game with very little risk, hard to knock them for choosing to go that route.

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