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Mick Fraser: "Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition is the game Diablo fans deserve. Granted, there are still areas to improve – Adventure Mode, for example, still feels a little like an experiment rather than the finished article – but this is as close to perfect as we’ve yet been. Still the undisputed King of the Action RPG lootathon, Diablo 3: RoS adds so many tiny little bonuses alongside the major changes that you can’t help but admire Blizzard’s dedication and perseverance."

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1nsomniac1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

..."It's still not perfect & feels like some areas are not complete & were an experiment"... - 10/10

I'm thinking of picking this game up as I missed it on PC but this review is another reason why gaming is in such a stupid place right now!

Not necessarily the reviewers fault but it's a shame these days that we have to give a game a perfect 10/10 in order to tell the public its a good game.

PONTIAC08G8GT1499d ago

Def pick it up. I had it for 360 and one of best games I played. You won't be disappointed. I'm getting it for the X1 tomorrow.

XBLSkull1499d ago

F'ing bull**** Blizzard. Told me months ago my stuff would transfer over. You didn't tell me I needed to hold on to a copy of my last gen game to be able to make that happen, bad form, very bad form Jack.

SmielmaN1499d ago

10/10 is high praise. Sounds awesome. Mine will arrive in my mail box tomorrow. :)

Xristo1499d ago

I hated D3 on release (PC), but since Loot 2.0 and Reaper of Souls xpac I have done a complete 180. Great game on all platforms!