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Sledgehammer tight-lipped on Advanced Warfare's resolution - "We're still optimising the game

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will run at 60 frames a second, producer Mike Mejia has assured OXM, but the game's final resolution has yet to be locked down. Sledgehammer is, however, "happy" with how things stand at the time of writing, and hopes to "optimise" things before handing the game over to retailers in November. (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Future_2015  +   67d ago
ow dear
C-H-E-F  +   67d ago
Exactly they have 0 excuse for it not to be top tier. 0 excuse.
Gaming101  +   67d ago
Well, 0 excuse on PS4 since Ghosts was 1080p and went above 60FPS at a few parts causing screen judder. X-boners, sorry, you may be stuck with 900p and occasional dips in frame rate if they amp up the graphics as much as they are this time.
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3-4-5  +   67d ago
First off....it better be fun.
The_Infected  +   67d ago
Between 792p or 912p final resolution. My guess anyways.
DonDon  +   67d ago
Not on ps4. Pretty sure it can squeeze out 1080p.
XtraTrstrL  +   67d ago
I hope they don't do like a 900p for X1/PS4, then boost PS4 to 1080p on day 1 to avoid the parity clause. Unless it's optimized properly on PS4, cuz that's what I think made Ghost run so horribly on PS4, other than it being ported from last gen basically.
GiggMan  +   67d ago
That's the first I heard of ghost running "horribly" on PS4. I've had no problems with it even on split screen. Anyway, has anyone heard about them including local multiplayer?

That will determine whether I get the game or not. Not resolution.
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Funantic1  +   67d ago
I'm sure it can with temporal reprojection.
cyclindk  +   67d ago
I'm gonna go squeeze out a 1080p, be right back..
ramiuk1  +   67d ago
yeah ghosts ran sweet on my ps4,shame the lvl design etc was boring and the ganme felt like every other cod,but defo ran smooth at 1080p and i expect nothing less again.

912p prob on xb1
Mr Pumblechook  +   67d ago
This winter there is an abundance of Moneyhats falling from the sky. Please lookout for graphical parity.
KionicWarlord222  +   67d ago
Bring on that locked 60 fps goodness.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   67d ago
From what I heard about multiplayer, it should look similar to ghost. But single player seems to be a mystery...hoping its native 1080p with high settings, other wise I will seriously doubt the "made for next-gen" claims they made for this game.
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system22  +   67d ago
"next gen" isn't just resolution.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   67d ago
your right, buts its a big part of it, that and frame rate. Since we are getting better hardware we should also be expecting better performance.
FayZ_  +   67d ago
900p wouldn't bother me, i just hope it's not anything lower.
gangsta_red  +   67d ago
I'm going to say it now...

1080p PS4
900p Xbox One

And when that happens ...

jay2  +   67d ago
1080 on the console, 900 on the sky+HD box. Love the since last year things have improved, of cause it will improve after the 10% upgrade of cause you're going to be running better than last year......
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user367272  +   67d ago
I could care less about what resolution it is at. This year's Version seems fresh and exciting. As long it is 60fps and on the Azure dedicated servers..and the reviews are good, should be my first COD game purchase since MW2.
DeadlyOreo  +   67d ago
While I agreed with what you were initially saying (until you got to the Azure rubbish) I disagreed because you are a rabid troll. Every one of your posts has a subtle dig at the "other console", but then again your name really gives it away.

OT: Really looking forward to Advanced Warfare actually, Call Of Duty has never been a graphical powerhouse but as long as it looks nicer than Ghosts I'll be happy.
user367272  +   67d ago
How can i be trolling when it is the truth?! That is the reason why I stick with the xbox brand because of things like controller..and the stability and fast server and avoiding playing with self-entitled narcissists ps4 fanboy. I am not afraid to say it just like fans of the other brand that constantly throw 1080p and gddr5 like yourself in xbox owners' faces. Please look at your own history post before accousing me with trolling.
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GiggMan  +   67d ago
You know a lot of those so called "narcissistic" self entitled fanboys defected from the Xbox 360 don't you?
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r2oB  +   67d ago
@ SDF repellent

Microsoft used P2P with every MP game last gen, so please tell me more about those stable, fast servers used for MP gaming. And let's not talk about the annoying brats that plague every CoD release on XBL. All they do is play CoD and "fu*k people's mother".
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Zenith4k  +   67d ago
I'm a ps4 owner, but great comeback against deadly Oreo absolutely love it throwing that fan boy rubbish when he blantly does it himself (no offence Oreo) but talk about calling the kettle black. Bubble up for you
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AutoCad  +   67d ago
Wouldnt be worried..still have about 2 months of optimizing.
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PS4OUR  +   67d ago
Weird they won't disclose the resolution. It's not like the game is due out next year.
AutoCad  +   67d ago
not like the game is due next month
WalterWJR  +   67d ago
2 months is a long time to optimize for better performance.
user367272  +   67d ago
Destiny resolution of 1080p on xb1 was just revealed like a month ago and that game is coming out next month so optimizing resolution is definitely a possibility because the SDk with the 10% extra kinnectless power was just released last month. Regardless, if it is 900p and rock solid 60fps..I'll be happy. It is all about gameplay and dedicated fast server that the Live service provide.
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PS4OUR  +   66d ago
Yeah but Witcher 3 devs disclosed resolution on both platforms and that game is due out next year but they did state they will be working on optimizing the game more as it edges towards launch. Just found it weird the devs of this game are withholding the current resolution they at.
Summons75  +   67d ago
So basically it's not going to be good so you'd rather pretend it's better than it is...

PR BS, same COD different year...
Illusive_Man  +   67d ago
It was 900p on X1 at E3 pre June SDK. I think they'll get it to 1080p.
Jumper09  +   67d ago
10% boost in performance wont translate into 40% more pixels...
WingWalker   67d ago | Spam
PS4OUR  +   66d ago

Sadly people will always equate a 10% boost in performance into a 40% pixel gain.


You must not have read the digital foundry analysis of the Xbox One going from 900p to 1080p with Diablo 3. A drop in performance (sometimes to the low 50's in fps) resulted in the gain in resolution. Some may say its not noticeable but the point of the matter is the resolution gains dont come without a penalty. 10% boost is not free.
Software_Lover  +   67d ago
I'm over the console resolution comparisons. There are more things to judge a game/console on, but if that is your thing then go for the ps4. You know you will always have the higher resolution (for consoles). I will just play where I feel most comfortable, but anything under 720p is unacceptable.

I get multiplats on pc 80% of the time anyway.
Kavorklestein  +   67d ago
From what I saw being played at gamescom, and how good it looks so far, they could tell me it's 500p and I wouldn't care because the amount of pixels don't stop it from looking vibrant and beautiful, not to mention- 60 FPS is more important to me for COD anyway.

I might be a little disappointed to a small degreee that it's not higher, but it's not going to affect my enjoyment of the game especially when everything I've seen so far makes me want it ASAP!

I'm calling it now... This COD is different and the Campaign is gonna be the best in years... At least that's my Prediction.
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WingWalker   67d ago | Spam
T1125P  +   67d ago
I'll be playing it @ 2048x1152 thank you :D
Destiny1080  +   67d ago
They haven't got around to locking down that 792p
mercury228  +   67d ago
So, I can play it at 2560x1440 on ultra. I dont care about this story lol.
BlackWolf12  +   67d ago
Then why did you come onto this article?
DonDon  +   67d ago
With those crappy graphics and the fact that their textures aren't created with that high a resolution in mind, than you're not gonna see much of an improvement considering the COD graphics engine is barely improved.
BlackWolf12  +   67d ago
Xbox One will no doubt hold the PS4 version back due to Microsoft's unbelievable parity deal.
MCTJim  +   67d ago
I would just love for the game to go back to the WWII roots style of gameplay. No perks, just guns. Supposedly there was a Vietnam style game that was never released.
mcarsehat  +   67d ago
Not finalised = Tight lipped now???
mcarsehat  +   67d ago
This game is technically the Treyarch turn to have a cod game and it feels like a Treyarch game, basically like Black Ops 3 so this might actually have Zombies....
Raider69  +   67d ago
Most likely 900p@60fps on the PS4 and Xboxone due to parity match and also because from what i have seen the game engine is been upgrade in many ways and that will need more CPU/GPU resources than Ghosts did!
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   67d ago
F that noise,. make others suffer (5million more) because of a MoneyHatted Parity clause?

and you wonder why the dislike/attest for M$(Money/$/h/at) is so strong?

If that turns out to be true, I don't even.
Nicominoru  +   67d ago
Whatever...more console parity bs talk. I wonder how long gamers are going to have to suffer due to the lack of sales and performance power Microsoft decided to dish out with their current gen console.

I've got nothing against the console, but when the companies problems start bleeding into other peoples territory that have nothing to do with it, then you're just becoming a nuisance. "Console Parity" then PS4 and PC gamers have to wait to play Tomb Raider because you want timed exclusivity to the game to try and sell more of your console.

Gimme a break...quit bothering everyone else and fix your shit already.
SpinalRemains138  +   67d ago
This is going to get ugly somewhere along the line.
MegaDan  +   67d ago
Why won't Sony do anything about this evil "parity clause" practice MS has been doing with multiplats!? This is pure bribery.

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