Nintendo's Sporadic Acknowledgement of Metroid is Worrying

Hardcore Gamer: Is this Nintendo telling Metroid fans not to expect a new title anytime soon?

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Geobros1371d ago

All we hope for a new Metroid game.

camel_toad1371d ago

Yeh I honestly dont get the neglect of such a great franchise.

I felt like The Other M was decent but didnt live up to the past games at all and I know I'm not alone. Does anyone know how it did financially? Poor sales would be the only reason I could see them all but ignoring the series like they have since The Other M.

randomass1711371d ago

All I know is it didn't meet expectations. Probably for the best. It was pretty linear compared to Super Metroid and IMO the story was pretty bad so it makes sense to me that it would not sell as much.

ValKilmer1371d ago

I honestly don't know if we'll see another Metroid this generation.

XtraTrstrL1371d ago

Yeah, a smile comes to my face when I hear 'Metroidvania'. I'd love for a new proper SOTN type Castlevania to come out. I wouldn't mind it in 3D, if they could manage to pull it off properly and not screw it all up in the process.

Drummerdude411371d ago

If the new pokemon announcement is a full fledged wii u game i could care less, otherwise a new metroid is my second most wanted game for the system and i would be sadly dissapointed if it isn't in the pipeline yet.

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