My Halo 2 Anniversary Wish List

CCC Says: "That was me singing the Halo theme song. You could totally tell right? Well, what I might lack in vocal quality and tone, I make up for in FPS skill. Actually, I’m only a fair hand at shooters. But that never stopped me from having fun damn it! And if you want to talk about pure, unadulterated entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than my days spent with Halo 2. While the first game was legendary (and brought me back into the FPS fold after a long hiatus) there was just something about the sequel that captured lightning in a bottle. I can’t really explain, other than to say only those who experienced it at the time will ever truly understand what I’m talking about."

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tgunzz1431d ago

Good wish list, but I don't think this collection should go beyond xb1 for this gen...

MasterChief841431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Wireless keyboard and mouse set up is not a bad idea. But it might be too much of an advantage for players against those using controllers.....