GTA V Gets a New Lease on Life

CCC Says: "Grand Theft Auto 5 was pretty popular. You see? That’s a perfect example of what those literary types call an “understatement.” GTA was in-fact SO popular, it set world records out the wazoo and created a new standard for which all so-called sandbox games will be measured moving forward. It’s no surprise the folks at Rockstar once again revolutionized a genre, as we’ve seen them pull off this type of thing in the past. Vice City was touted as a neon-soaked nostalgia trip, while GTA IV gave us the most in-depth version of the Big Apple we’ve ever seen in a video game (not to mention the other hits in the franchise too numerous to mention)."

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Az1mov1376d ago

hopefully it won't be pushed to 2015, can't wait for a release date

Sayburr1376d ago

I am so ready to get back into GTA. I have not played since I bought the XBO and gave my 360 to my oldest grand-daughter (sans GTA, I think 12 is too young for it, but I think her daddy plays it some).

ArtificiallyYours1376d ago

Certainly deserves a lot better than what the PS3/360 versions went through.