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EA Access...to the Future?

Mike Zupan of DoddScientifics details the immediate benefits of EA Access, while also wearily discussing the potential faults of EA's new service launching exclusively on Xbox One. (EA, EA Access, Industry, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

Jdoki  +   165d ago
I signed up for it, as £19.99 a year is a great deal for games I have not played and would not pay full price for. I am surprisingly addicted to FIFA at the moment - a series I have previously disliked and would never pay £19.99 for on it's own, let alone the full £55 (same for Madden). Battlefield 4 on it's own is worth £19.99 to buy.

If Activision and Ubisoft also did the same, I would probably sign up for those as well.

As the years roll on and new game prices increase every generation, some games get shorter and in some cases provide terrible value for money, I am far more reluctant to buy on Day 1 - I am happy to wait for some games to come out on EA Access, PS+ or even Games with Gold (although not holding my breath there, as GwG is pretty awful for XB1).

My biggest concern right now is the cost of a new external hard drive or two as I am closing in on 60% full and I don't own many games at all.

Obviously there are exceptions, - Destiny, anything from Naughty Dog etc), will still be Day 1 purchases.
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Kavorklestein  +   165d ago
Well said.
Ea Access is awesome and I can't wait use it when I get my Xbox one in November
GoPanthers999  +   165d ago
Are you waiting for the CoD or MCC bundle?
Kavorklestein  +   165d ago
Not sure really, I'm leaning toward the COD one, because I haven't even heard of a MCC or seen if it will have a 1 TB HDD.
But if there is one, I will get the MCC version.
Quicktim3  +   165d ago
ya since i only buy like 4-5 games a year. this vault thing i really like. a lot of games that i probably wont buy straight up will be coming to it.
Tedakin  +   165d ago
I'll try it for a month if it gets a game that strikes my fancy.
HacSawJimThugin  +   164d ago
I've never played Fifa before EA Access and it has made a fan out of me. I signed up for the year and it is arguably the best deal in gaming so far this year besides the MCC. This program offers excellent value and sing it's praise to all my friends from Facebook to Twitter. I wonder what games they are going to offer next?

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