News: Little King's Story Reigns In Europe

Rising Star Games have confirmed that they will be bringing Little King Story to Europe in Q1 2009.

It has been confirmed today that the Marvelous Entertainment developed life sim/RPG, Little King's Story, will indeed be heading to the Wii in Europe, to be published by Rising Star Games.

Little King's Story is all about a young lad named Corobo, who finds a magical crown whilst on a casual stroll through the forest. Corobo finds that the crown allows him to charm anyone he pleases, giving him total control over them. A knight informs Corobo that he is now the king of his village, and that it is his job to transform it into a vast kingdom. Similar to Pikmin in gameplay and style, Corobo will gather and command his subjects to build and carry out tasks for him as he leads them around his kingdom.

"Little King's Story is a project we're incredibly excited about bringing to the PAL territories. There's been a massive groundswell of enthusiasm for this title since being showcased at last year's Tokyo Games Show," says Richard Barclay, Rising Star Games' UK & international marketing manager. "The game perfectly reflects the quality of gaming experience and design creativity fans of this genre now demand."

Little King's Story is set for a European release in Q1 2009.

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