Why Are People Criticizing P.T. a.k.a. the Silent Hills Demo?

When I hear that a teaser trailer for a game has been released I find it difficult to stifle a groan. In this day and age, teaser trailers usually consist of a 15-second clip consisting of zero gameplay footage, often complemented by some swanky video footage that will not appear in the finished product. At their best teaser trailers are redundant, and at their worst they’re unrepresentative of the product they’re advertising.

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garos821433d ago

because people needed the diapers changed and also because they didn't read up that the gameplay of the PLAYABLE TEASER will not be indicative of the final project and game

sonarus1433d ago

Well i haven't noticed any complaints myself but then i havent seen the tech demo/ teaser. Primarily because its a tech demo or teaser or wateva and i generally dnt care about tech demos. When it gets boiled down to game format though, i would definitely be more interested afterall it is MR HIDEO KOJIMA - one of the greatest game developers of all time - and also guillermo del toro another visionary on his own. The pairing certainly suggests success, but then again i am not sure how much faith i would put in non metal gear hideo kojima stuff

fr0sty1433d ago

This isn't just a tech demo, you are doing yourself a disservice by ignoring it. It's actually very well put together.

SilentNegotiator1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

...I've overwhelmingly seen more praise than criticism.

nicksetzer11433d ago

I honestly don't think I saw anyone complain. The idea was ingenius and the result was a new silent hill!!!

SilentNegotiator1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

All I've seen in terms of criticism, and only in two or three comments, is the fact that it's so vague and that a lot of it is trial and error. But that is the point (I wouldn't say that there's NO merit to some of those criticism, though).

dumahim1433d ago

Yeah, mostly praise, but there are a lot of people, even those who ultimately like it, that complain about how random it is and people not being able to get the ending to work.

I agree that it was a neat idea, but it was frustrating trying to play it and I find horror stuff incredibly boring, and the trial and error aspect of it didn't help.

fr0sty1433d ago

I actually enjoyed the fact that we gamers had to work together as a community to solve the game, through trial and error, before we finally nailed down the solution. I also like that that solution involved a hardware device, much like Psycho Mantis.

MysticStrummer1433d ago

Yeah I saw no one complain, except when people said the game should stay first person.

DonDon1433d ago

No one complained. This is clickbait article and it's working...

MRMagoo1231432d ago

Yeh I dont recall any bad words about this demo , everyone that has played it or watched it have said its a good thing.

Panthers1432d ago


If you find the horror stuff boring,then it just isnt for you. Honestly this demo was the scariest thing I have ever played, or watched. The sense of helplessness in it is just awesome, and a lot of that had to do with the randomness of the final loop. You are never in control in this demo, the game is. Thats one of the many mind games this game pulls to keep the tension.

Ive played through it twice and I still get chills when I play.

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Am_Ryder1433d ago

Yeah. What the hell criticism is this person talking about. I don't think I've read one negative comment about the game- not counting people saying it's too far away from Silent Hill stylistically. Which isn't entirely valid due to the "it's not Silent Hill" disclaimer the developers put on it.

UnwanteDreams1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

l'll admit I was critical until I realised this wasnt a gameplay demo. Knowing the full story I think PT was a great idea. I'm just gun shy been burned by too many bad games calling themselves Silent Hill.

acharlez1433d ago

No idea. I sure am not.

DarkOcelet1433d ago

People that are criticizing it are probably the ones who didnt get to play it .

HanzoHattori1433d ago

I agree...

Envy, nothing more, nothing less.

GW2121433d ago

I played it and I'm criticizing it... mainly because I had to buy a new pair of pants after I was done playing ;)

Kojima, I expect a check in the mail for a new pair of pants. Ya bastard.

(Seriously though, I thought it was really cool... and clearly scary as sh*t)

MRMagoo1231432d ago

stupidly scary imo lol I played a bit but i had to keep the lights on and I was on the edge the whole time never knowing when something was gonna jump out, hideo can make anyone feel anything he wants at the drop of a hat.

kryteris1433d ago

because the game is disturbing, and a part of their psyche needs payback.

TransientDreamer1433d ago

Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

TheFutureIsBlue1433d ago

You could use that on literally every article on the internet...but then again, what is the fun in that when we can add to the discussion?

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