The Golf Club: Early Access Impressions

Fred of GoodGameBro writes, "Did you hear the one about the new golf videogame arriving this August for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC? The answer may surprise you – it’s a title called The Golf Club courtesy of little known developer HB Studios out of Nova Scotia (

I have been playing the early access version via Steam on my PC the past few months and while at first the features were fairly lean, it is evolving into what may become a surprise hit for many."

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Sayburr1496d ago

Just can't make up my mind on this title. I think the lack of a career mode will hurt it, since that is why I played EA's golf game.

DunDee9101496d ago

Good article. Because of the price, I think I may download this. I grow bored of shooting things.

Fasttrack761496d ago

Looking forward to playing this later today

Brettman20081496d ago

Looks great, just need Sony to certify it so it can be released. Sick of waiting.

sGIBMBR1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Does this game not have a matchmaking mode to play online? I might still pick it up if that holds true, but it would make my decision a heck of a lot easier if it did.

I don't fancy getting a PGA game from EA game again.

sGIBMBR1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

... Double post!