WWE 2K15: Updated Roster, Disappointing Gamescom Gameplay Footage

You might be expecting something legendary for Wwe 2k15 like Here Comes the Pain or No mercy but so far it doesnt look like this is going anyway near that.

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iNFAMOUZ11497d ago

2014 and we still have n64 wrestling stages, items and backdrop people

zsquaresoff1497d ago

The fact that its disappointing is because in all the videos we have seen of gameplay, non of these idiots know how to play it.

All you see is punches and kicks. No finisher moves, no signatures moves and no weapons.

curtis921497d ago

This is so true. It's an unfair representation of the product to have such unskilled players playing a wrestling game like it's a fighting game. 2K needs to release some official gameplay clips ASAP so people don't have to see these guys trying to play a wrestling game like a fighting game.

snarls2001497d ago

plus what kind of camera are they using

UltraAtomic1497d ago

the game looks good, BUT you are right. This people don't know how to play lol.

TheJacksonRGN1497d ago

How did this get approved when we already have a post up about the game's roster and this gameplay video has already been posted?

mrevil12261496d ago

i highly agree about the people not knowing how to play as well it's not even a full copy of the game just a demo.