Is Hideo Kojima's Silent Hill game coming to Xbox One?

Teeth gritted hard enough to reduce them to a sort of viscous paste, we'll admit that P.T. - the playable teaser for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's new Silent Hill game, released on PS4 during Gamescom - was probably the most intriguing part of the conference.

It's a legitimately unsettling slice of psychological trauma that both fits the mould of Silent Hill (relying far more on subtle changes in environment than shock-your-spine-out scares) and takes wild swings at it, by switching to a first-person perspective and limiting play to a single L-shaped corridor with ensuite terror-bathroom.

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nicksetzer11497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I would assume so, but if not I wonder if it will be recieved like tomb raider's exclusivity deal was, or if it will be ok.

Either way I am really looking forward to the game and will buy it regardless.

vishmarx1497d ago ShowReplies(15)
styferion1497d ago

I think that after the TR controversy all console companies would hold back on doing the same practice, so unless Sony somehow involved in the process either co-developing or publishing I think this will be a multiplatform title.

SoapShoes1497d ago

The difference is TR has been multiplatform most of the time. TR2 wasn't simply because the Saturn was nearly dead and the N64 wasn't viable for them. There was one exclusive on PS2 but after that it was always on PC or other systems. Silent Hills being exclusive to PS4 is NOT the same. What would be the same is Mass Effect 4 being a PS4 exclusive.

VforVideogames1496d ago

Sony doesn't have enough cash like Microsoft to practice time exclusive games, enuff said. so of course we will see it on other consoles.

Tetsujin1497d ago

After playing PT I will buy this Silent Hill(s); because it's the first game that actually made me jump since Silent Hill 2. If it comes to Xbox or not it doesn't affect my decision unless some type of raw deal is made, which in this case I don't see that with this game.

I guess the "new thing" in the gaming industry now is "X game is coming out, is it timed exclusive or true exclusive?"

greenlantern28141497d ago

The only part of the new Silent Hill that is exclusive is the P.T. demo. Sony never said it was and neither did anyone else involved with the game.
And since MGS 5 is coming to Xbox I doubt this will be any different.

UltraNova1496d ago


Konami is out of the exclusive business for good.

assdan1496d ago

I have a ps4, so I don't care lol.

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cfc781497d ago

Expect the tables to turn and more fallout to follow if it doesn't,I hope it does this game looks to good to be missed by any horror fan.

Kavorklestein1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I actually expect most people to be understanding whether it does or doesn't come to Xbox one.

I think the xbox community should sign a pact to never get butt hurt about video game crap ever again...
It would be so nice to Just to watch the drama continue when nobody who owns an xbox listens, Sony DIE-HARDS have schizophrenic conversations with themselves about XYZ.... then they can just dig their graves even further, and fall on their crybaby faces even harder.

Anarchy, imbecility, drama, hypocrisy, double standards, and digging too deep to make consoles and video games look worse than they are, AND pathetic temper tantrums should STAY EXCLUSIVE.

Exclusive to Sony fans.

BlackTar1871496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

except the Xbox community flipped out about DLC.

How stupid is it that i can cite a specific overreaction within the last 6 months?

Pot meet kettle

Moe-Gunz1496d ago

Are these not the same people who were upset about the Destiny beta releasing a few days early on PS4?

Kavorklestein1496d ago

@Black tar

Yes people got mad about Destiny. But nowhere NEAR as mad as Tomb Raider Crybabies or Even as mad as the Witcher crybabies. I think most of it was because they felt betrayed by bungie who used to do thing ONLY for xbox.. . But yeah they kinda got upset.
But whatever their reasons were they shouldn't have taken it as far as they did. With like what- 2 articles EVER concerning it, I'd say it's was an overreaction. But with the 45 billion articles about Tomb Raider and the Witcher's freaking collector's edition for Petes sake, it's clear that ONE group is way more entitled, selfish, and hypocritical.

Because it's life, it doesn't change anything, and to throw fits like this when it's n9t going to do ANYTHING is the behavior of an entitled jerk.
Hence why most of my point was xbox fans should make a PACT to not freak out about exclusive deals ever again- so the losers on Sony's side can engage in infantile, hypocritical and pathetic behavior on their own... Exclusively.

And the way things have been handled by both groups suggests that Xbox fans could ACTUALLY make a pact and pull it off. Sony fans couldn't stop crying if they tried. It appears to be in their nature.

How noble and mature!

BlackTar1871496d ago

Kavor you're not doing your point any favors.

Crying about crying is umm........................... ....

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Godmars2901497d ago

Why wouldn't it? Why wouldn't it go to PC in this day and age?

MCTJim1497d ago

If it does, then it does...if it doesn't then it doesn't.

pinkcrocodile751496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

HAHAHAHA - If he dies... He Dies!

Bubble to you for getting me to spit my tea all over my monitors.

Mind you, quoting 80's action films can get you into trouble.

I nearly got arrested after putting on my new prescription sunglasses, walking into to Costa Coffee and saying to the girl behing the counter "Come with me if you want to live"... A quick exist was necessary.

As for Silent Hills the title suggests that the silence is spreading... not good! The next thing you'll know the whole area will be balls deep in jugglers and mime artists.

I'm no fan of these games to be honest, too screapy for me. That said I think all third part games should come to all platforms.

Majin-vegeta1497d ago

Yes,no,maybe.It could end up like BloodBorne they show the trailer.Make people think it's gonna be Multiplat then come out and say it's gonna be exclusive.Or it could be Multiplat.

But I'm more inclined towards it being PS4 exclusive cuz of this.

Kane221497d ago

everyone new bloodborne was gonna be exclusive. before sony even said anything. bloodborne is a spiritual successor to demon souls which is owned by sony.

SoapShoes1497d ago

No, not everyone did because they started making the souls series on PC and Xbox.

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