Pokemon Wii U Game May Be On The Way

A 'surprising announcement' regarding Pokemon will be unveiled next week. Is it a Pokemon Wii U Game?

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nX1313d ago

I certainly hope so, it was rumored a while ago. My WiiU has been abandoned after 2 weeks of Mario Kart so I hope this is true :)

LOL_WUT1313d ago

Same here I haven't even touched that game in a while I hope this Pokemon IP isn't a fighting game. ;)

iNFAMOUZ11313d ago

back in our 90's kids days, we would play the same game for years..jesus u kids now a days

LOL_WUT1312d ago

Yea I agree kiddo they just don't make em like they used to!

thorstein1313d ago

If this is true, expect Wii U sales to get a serious bump.

Maybe the big N could have waited 1/2 a year or a year. Launching Wii U with games like this, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U, and the rash of other good games could have built some serious hype.

Concertoine1313d ago

If they launched alongside the other two consoles i honestly think itd be in a better position. It had like 9 months of toxic press questioning its future.

Imagine, with the PS4 and Xbone going through the current drought they'd have all these games ready to release and the system's software would be up to date.

iliimaster1313d ago

exactly everyone woulda been giving greatpress and 3rd partys would of feel wway more pressure to develop for it

BlackWolf121313d ago

Errrr. Current drought?

Fastest selling Playstation of all time, record Xbox sales.

Nice drought.

Chrischi19881312d ago

He is talking about games drought and not how many consoles were sold.

TekoIie1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

"If this is true, expect Wii U sales to get a serious bump."

It'll definitely be interesting to see if it helps. It's likely this won't be a traditional Pokemon game, (assuming its a game announcement) and if that's the case it'll be interesting to see how many consoles it shifts.

I'm gonna keep my expectations low on this announcement...

*wispers* NEVER FORGET CRANKY *wispers*

infinitewords1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

If it's the same gameplay as the handheld games, but with Wii U graphics, then consider me sold.

Concertoine1313d ago

I find it strange they'd reveal this and fatal frame outside of a nintendo direct.

LazyGoron1312d ago

My guess is it's a Game Freak decision... Game Freak has more to do with Pokemon in general, Nintendo is involved in the games but really the anime, cards, etc.

Game Freak would probably want to have a huge spotlight on their "baby" they've been keeping quiet. I am honestly thinking this is a Wii U game releasing this winter, shocking reveal!

jakmckratos1313d ago

Im not gonna get my hopes up for it but I certainly hope we see the Wii U get some Pokelove....honestly if they did with Pokemon what they're doing for Hyrule Warriors I would love it..

My guess is this is an announcement regarding the 3DS remakes of Ruby/Sapphire games and the Wii U title that was teased won't gett announced til after AR/OS and Smash Bros comes out.

But still the Wii U title would be cool

Trolltroll1313d ago

Kanto Warriors: A Pokemon Story lol
who am I kidding I would still by it.

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The story is too old to be commented.