Ubisoft says it will improve PC support: Do we believe them this time?

In what may soon be an annual event, Ubisoft says the company will improve how it creates and supports games on PC. That’s an easy thing to say, but will it be combined with action?

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Psychotica1375d ago

Sure..and Microsoft has a renewed focus on PC gaming too..

uth111375d ago

This is one of the biggest reason I gave up PC gaming. Vendors shipping broken releases that I have to spend hours or days looking for patches that fix it.

Psychotica1375d ago

Really, I just wait for Steam to deploy the patches

aliengmr1375d ago

Its been a LONG time since I've had to manually patch a game. I'm actually getting nostalgic, that's how LONG ago that was.

ikarodemon1375d ago

I believe they like money!

Xian1375d ago

If they just get rid of Uplay it would be a step in the right direction.

gamernova1375d ago

If by support they mean continuing to distribute unoptimized games, I wholeheartedly believe them.

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