SOE All Access on PS4 is a possibility, according to John Smedley

GameZone: "With games like PlanetSide 2 and H1Z1 making their way to the PS4, and we're willing to be EverQuest Next might be making the jump as well, it would only seem natural that console players get some sort of bundled deal like PC players."

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ramiuk11497d ago

i dream of the day EQ2 is on ps4

Godmars2901497d ago

Everything SOE is suppose to be coming to PS4. So...

Cueil1497d ago

should have already happened on Ps3 and on PS4... I missed the days when SOE was a dominant force in MMOs

Cueil1497d ago

it better be for every SOE game that supports it... separate subs for different platforms would be total bs