Top 5 Best New IPs from Gamescom 2014

It was great to see updated looks on previously announced games like Evolve and the brutally dark Bloodborne but it’s even better when we can be surprised and taken by brand new ideas and refreshingly new IPs.

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colonel1791498d ago

I've said many times that I mostly hate indie games, but the games that were announced at Gamescom are truly impressive, and I hope all of them are good. I also hope that this is the beginning of better and bigger indie games, instead of those SNES look- alike games. After all, they might be indies, but they have received a lot of support from Sony and -in some way-Microsoft.

DarkOcelet1498d ago

There are some really cool indies , braid , limbo , fez (even though i hate the guy right now ) , child of light , transistor and much much more .

Brettman20081498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I think Indy is the wrong term for WiLD. It is a huge open world game and looks as promising as any AAA game. It's a AA game?

Ripsta7th1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Actually MS has been supporting indies since the 360 days, theyve always had indie games on the xbl marketplace
I too hate those SNES looking indies btw, graphics just put me off and bores me

imt5581498d ago

Oh, look. Al new IP's from that link are from Sony's conference. And Microsoft won the Gamescom.


Maninja1498d ago

I personally think sony won, but I'd be interested in hearing why you think Microsoft won.