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Submitted by tlschwerz 541d ago | article

Cancelling EA Access already?

EA Access launched just about a week ago, but thanks to lack of content and some rather strange decisions, the service has stumbled out of the gate. (EA Access, Xbox One)

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Axios2  +   542d ago | Well said
What a joke

EA Access is $30/year, just launched and has 4 AAA games on it already.

And 3 of those games are still $50 at most major retailers, $28 on Amazon.

Great option, ergo the 9/10 it just scored on an earlier thread.
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tlschwerz  +   542d ago
While there is content, the fact the price hasn't been lowered at retailers is irrelevant. All four games are a year old at least. With Madden fans being the most affected by this move, they essentially had to pay $5 to play a demo in their first month. It's not a huge deal, but not a good move either
nicksetzer1  +   541d ago | Well said
Madden demo's have ONLY the play now mode with 2 preselected teams.

Ea access is the FULL game it just has a 6 hour time limit. Which is completely fairas they don't want people to get burnt out playing 10 hours a day for 5 days then not buy the game....

The constant need to bash this service (mainly due to it not being available to certain console owners) is sad. It offers 4 games, (3 of which are more than 30$ alone) 10% off all DLC and games, and 5 day early access to the full game. (So you can FULLY try and see if you like it before blindly buying.)
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oSHINSAo  +   541d ago
6 hours a day ?? thats nice...
UnHoly_One  +   541d ago
I wish the Early Access thing was literally the option to purchase the full game a week early.

I would sign on for that feature for sure, as I am super impatient when I am really looking forward to a new game.
LAWSON72  +   541d ago
"Madden fans being the most affected by this move, they essentially had to pay $5 to play a demo in their first month"

Did EA hold a gun to their head? EA made them do nothing, anyways IMO $5 to play 6 hrs of a new Madden before you buy it is a pretty nice trial to decide whether to spend the whole $60. You get access to every aspect of the game, whether it be rosters, seeing if your team (s) are any good, and see all the new additions.

If you like it you can even save $6 when buying it on the store and get access to 4 other games for the rest of the month.

How tragic...
I guess the only real negative thing is there will be even less demos due to this service, though you could pose the question would the game of had a demo anyway (Madden was one of the very few games to get a demo)
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Prime157  +   541d ago
Axios, what you don't realize is that EA access is a marketing ploy, especially right now.

1) if access had launched on 360/ps3 and the rest of that generation then value could be argued as they have many games for those systems. But there are only 8 games on xbox one, with almost half being sports titles. Which is fine, but not for the gamers who play multiple games a month.

2) sport games depreciate even more quickly than other games. Go to a local mom and pop place and you'll find that most of those stores won't even take them anymore. Hell, just look at the trade in values of Madden, nba, fifa, ect as the next year's approaches, yet alone 2 years after. That is a simple supply and demand principle.

So, what they are doing is charging people for demos (that used to be free), marketing upcoming games (as they won't put a new release the vault - which sounds like double dipping to me), and creating a DRM-revenue service.

I'm not saying that it might not mature into a great program, but it's E-freaking-A! What did we expect, good consumer practices?

@nick, "The constant need to bash this service (mainly due to it not being available to certain console owners)"

See, it's that argument that is flawed... the true value in this service would be on 360/ps3 generation AND PC... but they didn't, why? How do they conveniently not take it to the 360?
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sonarus  +   541d ago
tbh i think i would rather have the demo and 2 teams for free than 5 bucks for 6hrs to play a week early when i can just pay 60 bucks and play forever
NatureOfLogic_  +   541d ago
Paying 30$ a year for limited timed demos vs free unlimited time demos.
nicksetzer1  +   541d ago
You aren't "paying for a demo" you are paying for access to vault games and 10% off all EA content. (including DLC and games) the 5 day early access is just a perk to allow you to try a FULL game before buying it.

You guys act as if the only thing provided for 30$/year (aka 2.50$/month) is a demo ....

Worst part yet? If you don't want it noone is forcing you to buy it.

Also, this article is clearly just flamebait as it has not been near a month yet even in beta, so why would you cancel 10 days into your 1 month sub?
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Go_Go_Se7en_30  +   541d ago
Why post this fud? The service is still in "beta" form, but STILL offers ppl $200 dollars worth of games for a $5mth/$30yr subscription. No need to hate on a good deal.
4Sh0w  +   541d ago
Lol, I noticed a trend among those who are desperate to downplay this service. They all scream "you are paying $5/$30 for demos" while PURPOSELY IGNORING:

You get 4 Games that even right now on Amazon with discount pricing cost more than $100, so you can play them all for a tiny fraction of that today. -Please explain how in the world $5/$30 for unlimited play of 4 games makes them only a demo?

You get 10% off other EA game purchases.

You get early access to play EA games before release.

You get (for early access new releases) the FULL game vs a traditional demo that cuts off content; for example if the character or team you like is not part of the demo(which is almost always the case) then too bad you don't get to sample that.

Those 4 games will continue to grow as new games release, sales slow down and EA adds to the vault.

-Of course the ones most upset by this will continue to CONVENIENTLY IGNORE THE FACTS and incorrectly state it's only about paying for demos because their agenda from the start is to bash anything good that comes to X1.

-I don’t expect any logical answers, just disagrees.
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700p  +   541d ago
All i see is crying. The service is great.
Death  +   541d ago

If you think it is bad skipping PS3/Xbox 360, what do you think about forced PS+ for PS4 owners that have paid for a year already and received nothing but indie games?
Tedakin  +   541d ago
BF4, Peggle 2, these games aren't a year old at least.
XisThatKid  +   541d ago
Hmm 60 for live, about 96 for netflix, 30 for EA essentially this is the average sub cost a year or an XBox gamer. This is about what my cousin pays a year and the majority of everyone I know that owns a MS console with the addition osfe access. If I decide to get another X1 I'm sure I'll opt out of this.
KozmoOchez  +   541d ago
@Death, PS+ is not "forced" unless you want to play online in certain games. It's not all indie games, especially if you consider the PS3 and Vita games you get. The indie games you do receive are spectacular (most of them) and are actually really fun. You also get discounts across PSN on a lot of stuff.

Besides, you need XBL Gold for must stuff on Xbone so that negates your whole PS+ being required argument. It evens it out. I don't care for the selection in PSNow either, but that's the same reason Prime was getting at - the library is currently not worth the price.

PS+ also isn't required for demos. Also, as seen with games like Destiny, PS+ isn't needed for ALL multiplayer aspects. Anything that doesn't require matchmaking in that game is free. As is F2P online games. The overall impression is, even though based on price, EA access may look like a good deal, but until that library fills up, it just won't be worth it for a lot of people.
Death  +   541d ago
If you own a PS3, Vita/PSP and PS4 then yes Plus is an incredible deal. If you are one of the 30% that are new to Playstation with your PS4, Plus is a waste of money. The "free" indie games you have received to this point were not worth the $50.

Live was never sold as a game rental service. It is a match making service that is starting to get "free" games also. If it was sold as a game service like Plus, it has also been a waste of money.

EA Access is being sold to customers like Plus was on the PS3. It is an optional service that allows gamers access to a library of games. In the first week alone the games being offered are arguably a better deal than what Plus has offerd PS4 owners.

It seem when given a choice, subscription services offer more to entice customers. Since Sony made it mandatory for online play it has been mediocre at best and no where near the value it was when optional on the PS3.
k3rn3ll  +   541d ago
How many "madden fans" actually download the demo though? All the ones i know are going to buy the game regardless in most cases. Literally they pre order every year and get it at midnight. I think this falls into the "vocal minority" issue.

Fact is alot of the articles are based on comments on other articles and tweets at EA. I participated in some of these yesterday because a large majority of the people that want a refund, are doing it because they said they were under the impression when they bought it, that they would have unlimited access to Madden 5 days early. When I told them that when Access was announced, the press release referred to get 2+ Hour early access for some games not all. I got a lot of return tweets from people saying they thought was for some other game not Madden. They never included madden in this until later.
And the game the press release used as an example was Dragon age. So what we have hear is alot of fuss about nothing. Because people didn't do research before the bought something. All the information was out there. If anything EA gave more on Madden then they previously said they would. Triple the amount of time! Oh and since everyone want to compare this with PSNow, this is timed by game time not real time. So your 4 hour rental isn't going to run out if you run and get some dinner
k3rn3ll  +   541d ago
So every game on this list is an indie for ps4. You can't talk about the ps3 library because this is a next gen only service. So there goes that part of your argument.

Also the pay wall has been removed for a large majority of all xbox apps.

"Got anymore BRAIN BUSTERS?" -Billy Madison
Prime157  +   541d ago
@Death, "@Prime,

If you think it is bad skipping PS3/Xbox 360, what do you think about forced PS+ for PS4 owners that have paid for a year already and received nothing but indie games?"

Well, for one, if you think Playstation had a choice after the 5BILLION DOLLARS that XBL brought in over the years (5.2Billion in August 2013) vs the <200m... well, that number speaks for itself. There was no choice if PS wanted to compete. I still hate people who bought into XBL back then because of the new business practices coming about in the gaming industry.

Here's some quotes: "IHS IHS +0.31% Electronics and Media (via GII) says that while Sony only made $140M from PS Plus subscriptions in 2012..." which segues into, "...This figure is comparable to how much Microsoft currently makes from Xbox Live Gold, which netted $1.25B last year." SOOOO: 140,000,000(PS+) vs 1,250,000,000(XBL). Sorry, was there a choice for sony? Did I not see this coming? This was stupid consumerism on 360 owner's part.


So, PS+ in 2012 = 140million while XBL was 1.25Billions. 140m/1.25B = .112, or PS+ made only 11% of XBL. Or XBL made 10 times PSN.

(I remember reading last time this year that xbl had generated 5.2 billion, vs PS+ <200ish million, however I could not find the same articles, but I remember typing many times on disqus, n4g, kotaku and the like that PS+ brought in 1/32 of what XBL had made over the years).

So, yes, PS+ requirement was inevitable, and I don't blame Sony for that, I still blame Microsoft as the cause.

Oh, and in regards to your "recieved only indie games" part. Indie does not equal bad and AAA does not equal good.

----------------------------- --

However, that's besides the point. Your question is off put as EA doesn't produce their own console, and EA Access isn't on PC (Origin offers free games). How come it's not on PC? Oh, because the value of it couldn't compete well with other PC services (Including THEIR OWN ORIGIN SERVICE). Not to mention PS+ offers third party publisher games while EA access does not.

****So yes, we can argue value all day, but as a PC primarily gamer, followed by my Ps4, followed by my wii u, followed by my xb1, followed by my 360/ps3 access is a ripoff for me (and many others). That's what you XB fanboys don't get... MANY OF US ARE PC GAMERS. There are more PC gamers than console gamers (based off of market share spending).

There's more, but I've already typed a novel.

Yes, you primary XB1 gamers see the value in it, and that's fine. But, there are MUCH better deals and programs once you branch out, and hence EA Acess' backlash.
4Sh0w  +   541d ago
@XisThatKid, what are you talking about???
"Hmm 60 for live, about 96 for netflix, 30 for EA essentially this is the average sub cost a year or an XBox gamer."

-#1 Your logic is totally flawed because IF you purchased those games they would cost you more than $30.

-#2 Both consoles charge for online gameplay access, btw you can easily find a discount for both services if you look.

-#3 Netflix, Hulu, etc is no longer only available to Gold members on X1 so what does that have to do with this?..and who pays 96 for Netflix?

Bottom line its a good service, sure others will follow suit but I don't get the logic that more/cheaper options for purchase gaming content is bad even if there are 20 different pubs with their own service= Its not like they are ever going to delete the option to buy vs subscribe AND just because there are plenty of sub services available doesn't mean you have to subscribe to them all just to have the ability to play ALL the games. NO, you simply do like we do with services available on pc, also through cable companies and even the tv networks now= you pick 1 or 2 of you favorite services that offer a good deal and you just buy or watch ALL the other content individually. You simply can't lose when you have the option to pick and can possibly ignore any subscription you don't see value in.
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mixolydian_id  +   540d ago
Just how has it stumbled out of the door?

XB1 owners are surprisingly excited about this.

It sparked much comparison with the slated PSnow service, actually highlighting how it does give the consumer better value for money.
Thats just with 4 games in the vault!

I've said how I feel about this service in other threads.

1st year proposes excellent value to the customer.
If only two games have been added to the vault by the second year... you might as well wait a year until renewing your subscription because you will likely have already played 66% of the vault listings.
morganfell  +   540d ago
I do not see the problem with EA Now. People slamming it are being ridiculous.

However...those defending it, such as nicksetzer1 are some of the same individuals that rabidly attacked PS Plus when it first premiered and are now doing their best to slam PS Now.

Pick a side of the fence and get on it rather than choosing temporary beliefs per article when it supports your console. Otherwise you are just an inconsequential hypocrite and anything you say is worthlessly invalid.
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Angerfist  +   540d ago
None of the games are a year out. And it's really just the beginning.
CloudRap  +   541d ago
I must say having put 300+ hours into BF4 on the PS4, wow the Xb1 version is absolute garbage in comparison. The controllers better, but that doesn't justify the game crashing half the time I start it not to mention its still bugged to hell, which is ironic given EA/MS partnership.
xDHAV0K24x  +   541d ago
overall, a DISASTER of a launch game
ghostface9  +   541d ago
thats a lie havent had a bug in months and I play all the time
HugoDrax  +   541d ago
"I must say having put 300+ hours into BF4 on the PS4, wow the Xb1 version is absolute garbage in comparison."

Excuse my language, but you're a god damn lie! Stop trolling, because I own battlefield 4 for my PS4 and XB1. It's the same damn game, with the exception the XB1 has KINECT head tracking.
BattleTorn  +   541d ago

Agreed. That and the PS4 version seems to have better AA. I bought both at launch.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   541d ago
Obviously Trolling...
Lawboy2  +   541d ago
What are you talking about have u played the xbox one version
OldDude  +   541d ago

You are either delusional or just a liar, pick one.
OldDude  +   541d ago
Double post, sorry.
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condemmedman  +   541d ago
Rubbish been playing this on xbox one through this service and it has been excellent and it looked great . Your just blabbing rubbish . Well done ea it can only get better.
lawgone  +   541d ago
That's the exact opposite experience I had. Played well on my XB1 and crashed constantly on my PS4. Many support threads show I wasn't the only one having that experience, but whatever.
sonarus  +   541d ago
with the exception of peggle 2 i own all those games though on my PS4 right now. I don't own an Xbox but if i did i would probably pay the subscription and be a little disappointed that its games i already own. So i can certainly understand from that perspective. But most people knew what the games were gonna be before they subscribed. Now if you own an xbox and don't own any of those games then its a different story. However i will always buy madden and fifa on day 1 so i am certainly not going to wait 1 yr for the game to get stale so i can enjoy the benefits on ea access. Battlefield though i don't mind waiting for. No interest in peggle
k3rn3ll  +   541d ago
The thing is you can then turn around and sell those games you own and pay for the sub. So even that argument I don't really understand unless ur dead set on keeping ur disc's of madden and fifa for years to come. Which I doubt you are.

But your other points I agree With. It's not for everyone right now. But if they add child of light soon and continue adding more, since they said they really won't remove the games in future, digital discounts, it's a good buy for everyone in future.
sonarus  +   540d ago
So you are saying i should sell a game i already own at a loss just so i can subscribe to ea access? Fanboy support at its finest.

After new madden drops i will buy that and new fifa as well and have no use for the old one. Do you suggest i sell the new one too and wait for it to drop on ea access? Don't allow xbox loyalty cloud your judgement
CrowbaitBob  +   540d ago

I think the notion that hardcore sports fans are the target demographic is a little short-sighted.

People that are going to buy Madden and Fifa on day one are already in EA's pocket. I believe this service is designed for people that aren't nearly as dedicated to the franchises on offer.

It's a less expensive way to get access to last year's versions of games that some people only have a passing interest in. $30 a year makes more sense to these people than $60 a pop for each game even if they are last year's version.
sonarus  +   540d ago
I am not saying that i am the target. I am saying i am NOT the target. But here comes K3rn3ll trying to tell me to sell my games so i can force fit into the target demographic? EA access isn't that serious for me.

I buy fifa because it is an excellent game to play on couch with friends for trash talk and its best soccer game in the market. I buy madden because i have been in an online league in madden since 2009 and of all my games i play madden probably gets played the most particularly during the nfl season.

I won't wait to play old madden when i can buy the new one just to save the dollars. Old sports games are worthless to me. Some gamers who like you said aren't in EA's pocket might not mind playing old sports games but i like competitive games and fifa, madden and nba 2k are some of my favorite competitive games. NBa live is crap on a stick.

I am not saying EA access doesn't have value for some gamers but for me the ONLY EA game i probably buy thats not a sports title is battlefield and i clearly said i don't mind waiting for battlefield on ea access. But i already own battlefield 4 and i am not going to sell it for ea access thats just dumb
Soldierone  +   541d ago
Which 3?

Madden 25 - 22 dollars and will drop like a rock this month when the next one hits.

Battlefield 4 - 25 dollars, but honestly you can find it on sale every other week.

Peggle - dunno the price, probably 10 dollars?

Fifa 14, only game that is 50 dollars and just like madden will landslide to 20 dollars when the new one hits.

So I don't understand why people keep saying "3 of the 4 are still 50 dollar games" when these are NEW prices for all 4 of them and only one remained high. These prices are high compared to other consoles thanks to a lack of games, so next years lineup will be even bigger bargain bin titles.
sonarus  +   541d ago
its not even that. Nobody who cares about madden or fifa wants to play the 1 yr old version regardless how cheap it is. There is a reason the prices plummet. Battlefield, i don't mind playing a yr late because they don't release a new 1 every yr. But for fifa and madden this is almost worthless
AngelicIceDiamond  +   541d ago
Knew it.

That's why I wanted to wait for the catalogue matured more before jumping on board.
JoGam  +   541d ago
Im sorry but as of right now EA Access SUCKS.
ghostface9  +   541d ago
ya ok guy with pic of infamous cant blame you I would be mad too if my console refused to let me have access to this
JoGam  +   541d ago
At Ghostface9 Sorry dude if you think my pic of infamous has anything to do with why I think it sucks. Just my opinion. I don't see any value right now.
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memots  +   541d ago
So does your ...
lawgone  +   541d ago
And you would say the same thing if PS4 had it? I mean, really think hard about that. If Sony had EA Access and MS did not, would you be saying it sucked? Heck, would you even see a negative EA Access article? Probably not considering it would likely not be posted on N4Sony. This site is biased as all get out.
JoGam  +   541d ago
Starks  +   540d ago
I agree. It's so pathetic seeing these people actually defending the "free" games you get like pompous seals. 2 sports games that are soon to be obsolete in a matter of WEEKS, and a shooter that keeps delivering the glitches and bugs.
uth11  +   541d ago
it's only a value if it has games you want to play. 3 out of the 4 are old versions of annualized franchises. And the discount is a joke. I only bought one EA game in the past year, on Amazon at a larger than 10% discount. I wouldn't pay for a service unless/until it actual provides something of value.
3-4-5  +   541d ago
Nobody will be playing most of those games in 2-4 months though, so what your paying $30 will be obsolete VERY SOON.

* Madden 15 releases in less than a week, and the new Fifa, & new FPS games will take the place of the others.
Blaze929  +   541d ago
this backlash is likely because it's an Xbox Exclusive. Otherwise really? The dang service JUST launched ffs
lawgone  +   541d ago
That's 100% what it is. If this were a PS exclusive there would be a big article in the number 1 position saying it's a feature that will bury the XB1.
Syntax-Error  +   541d ago
I'm a PS4 owner and I want this service, but these Sony Ponies are making me sick. PS NOW is garbage and they defend it while they know it's atrocious. Thank god I dont pledge allegiance to console manufacturers. $30 a year or $5 a month for a streaming service is amazing. Content changes. The Madden deal is a FULL GAME with 6 hours of play. HOW IS THIS BAD? I test this complete game out and if I like it...I buy it. It's included with my $5 a month subscription SO WHAT
#1.10 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
lawgone  +   541d ago
I think I love you. It's sad you have two bubbles for telling the truth. I get accused of being an Xbox fanboy simply for being unbiased. I do find myself defending Xbox a lot b/c it is constantly and unfairly trashed here while everything Sony is undeservedly praised. In my mind, these people aren't gamers. They are lemmings.
darx  +   541d ago
Is EA Access streaming or digital download? I hope it's not streaming...streaming games is very lame!!
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   541d ago
I'm a "Sony Pony" and I'll tell you right now that EA Access and PSNow both suck. I enjoy PS+ because I own a PS4, PS3, and a vita and it gives great value. But those other two are garbage.
objdadon  +   541d ago
Lol! If I want madden, fifa or bf4, I'm getting it on release day not 9 months from then! And yes, p s now sucks too but ea is funny as hell with this garbage! Lmao! And this is from someone who owns all consoles, I'm not touching either service, it's garbage!
#1.10.4 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Consoldtobots  +   541d ago
EA is a blight on gaming and needs to go the way of sega. This is a company that is all too comfortable abandoning franchises when they fail to make an impression. They are money hungry whores who deliver sub par content and that's a company I can NEVER get behind.
ALLWRONG  +   541d ago
Word of the day: Jealousy

N4Gaf has been hitting a new low lately. N4G was big in 2010, now the site is like Ebola.
GoPanthers999  +   541d ago
Guarantee all these Disagrees you are getting are Sonyboys.
Prime157  +   541d ago
I think all the agrees are XBox fanboys, more specifically.

More pc gamers out there than Sony/MS gamers individually.

I bet that many are like me and own PC/PS4/360/xb1/WiiU/retro consoles who misconstrue the data a little.
duckmysick  +   541d ago
$5.. "Were going to turn are old stuff into a service because there dead after the new ones come out!"
Dude their banking on you subbing and forgetting about it. If I got it, I would only play bf, and PS+ had it on sale last week where I got it less than $30. ..and I didn't know peggle was a "AAA" GAME LOL
Prime157  +   541d ago
Edit: Deleted this post as it's response is in the wrong section.
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xHoii  +   541d ago
I own a PlayStation and I wish EA access was available, just a few days ago I really felt like playing FIFA and had to buy it for 20 pounds, now I would have benefited from EA access, but unfortunately it was rejected by Sony as being 'bad value'. I mean what's wrong with options? If it's bad value then please let me judge for myself Sony.
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Godmars290  +   541d ago
It *only* has 4 AAA titles on it. Those, which most gamers already own, and Peggle 2.

Its going to take Years for many to realize bad a deal this is. Sadly.
n4rc  +   540d ago
Cancel whatever the hell ya want..

For $30 a year, I've already gotten my moneys worth.. I got my moneys worth on the first damn day..

If they dont add titles or whatever other crazy reason, then you don't sub again!

Jealousy is an ugly emotion.. Lol
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   540d ago
I would have been really interest to see them take an approach like "the average serious gamer buys 4 EA titles per year." thats say £200 for arguments sake. They then offer a yearly pass for £150 for all EA games released. Some will get a better deal, others will loose out but ... the stealth win for EA is that all those people are no longer trading in games...

That may even be the actual play here. While they are making some extra money on games that have hit their tail and we are all getting a reasonable deal. EA are potentially damaging the resale value of the games on access as obviously there will be less demand for them.

*Takes off tin hat*
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RATEDAFORADULT   532d ago | Spam
castillo  +   541d ago
Keeping mine and hoping it becomes so popular that other Publisher follow suit. SWEET
Dontworrybhappy  +   541d ago
Oh that'd be dope.
objdadon  +   541d ago
I really hope that doesn't happen! I don't wanna pay to play old games that I already either owned or wasn't interested in to begin with!
Prime157  +   541d ago
Yeah, I like GWG and PS+ because they offer third party publisher titles.

Ea access is just ea, which comes across as anti-consumers at the core.

Drm. Bad drm
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castillo  +   541d ago
So PS Now is a no go for you , pretty much a no go for anybody at those prices.
tommygunzII  +   541d ago

What does this have to do with a streaming rental service like PS Now? MS or EA don't have anything like that.
I think what you are referring to is PS+, which has given me over 200 games to play since being a member almost 3 years ago. If that is the case there is no comparison

PS+ = a service that offers games and discounts for an annual subscription fee.

PSNow = a game streaming rental service for many different devices. In other words, a real cloud.
Syntax-Error  +   541d ago
You do know EA has a bigger catalog than Sony right? Why do you people feel you must be able to play BRAND NEW game for 6 hours a day for $5 a month that is being sold for $60 in the store? Grow dafuq up! You are being able to play a new game for $5 for 6 hours for a week to see if it's worth a retail purchase. THIS NOT A DEMO! It's the full game. Stop thinking the industry owes you broke people something
#2.2.4 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   541d ago
No one is forcing you to buy this.
Death  +   541d ago

So Netflix is a real cloud too?
Dontworrybhappy  +   541d ago
I've been enjoying it. Can't wait for Titanfall to be added. :D
xDHAV0K24x  +   541d ago
only way I see that happening is when the 2nd drops. the newer versions of madden and fifa are on the way so the one's in the vault are a no brainer. I really wanted to play peggle 2 sob I signed up for $5. the rest is gravy
tgunzz  +   541d ago
Shoot, I'm not cancelling anything... Definitely looking for to content expansion.
EvilWay  +   541d ago
Can you play the demo 6 hours a day or only 6 hours over 5 days?
WeAreLegion  +   541d ago
I believe it's up to 6 hours a day.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   541d ago
Only 6 hours once. If you tried the next day you won't have access. It's 6 hours within those 5 days.
LAWSON72  +   541d ago
It is 6 hrs total out of the whole week not each day.
EvilWay  +   541d ago
damn that is a bummer
KNWS  +   541d ago
I think the problem with this service is you can get your moneys worth from those games in about two months and you might get bored then and move on. For 30 Euros a year though the service is good value. Getting to play early access EA titles fully for 6 hours for me would be worth it. I had two of those games already before this was announced. So i am going to wait till a year or two before accessing this service. More games equals better value for me.
#5 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   541d ago
Jesus, its comical how much people just bitch to bitch. 3 AAA games and 1 AA game ...all access for all 4 alone is worth $30 a year given their current prices on the market. So tired of the idiocy that runs rampant in the "games media" these days.
InTheZoneAC  +   541d ago
really? who doesn't already have BF4 or Madden NFL 25 if they play those types of games? Unless you're the person that just buys things when you first get a console and never buys a thing again then maybe those games are worth it....but only to those few people.
#6.1 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   541d ago
You may have them both... but I reckon there are more people that don't then do. So the value proposition here also extends beyond 2 games...its 4 currently and that number will grow. Plus a 10% discount on all digital purchases and the early access.

The value of the program is most certainly there.
GoPanthers999  +   541d ago
Most folks that already have the games are trading them for well over the $30 annual subscription fee, if you only had a brain.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   541d ago
Lost two bubbles in one thread because I said it will be exactly like this, but noooo? I'm a troll. People thought they were getting outstanding value in a large library of games bigger, better than PS Plus an all that. Ah, to the contrary...
Dlacy13g  +   541d ago
@Sheikh, first off any one saying it was better then PS PLus was reaching imo. I Think services like PS Plus or even Xbox Live Gold have a bit more value to them currently especially if you have been in those programs for a while. EA Access isn't the be all end all service. It is a good value certainly for those individuals who might be looking at getting these games second hand from Gamestop. As it grows it will improve on game selection but again it will only have EA Xbox One versions of games to pull from so its growth is going to be a bit metered.

Have a bubble+ anyway. :)
MCTJim  +   541d ago
So everyone who paid in full the $30 a year its only costing them $2.50 a month..I'm loving it :D Come on Madden 15..Thursday it should be out for play.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   541d ago
I hope I don't get marked for trolling but seriously. GZUZ, $30 a year for awesome games is the best offer in the video game industry.

TTrue there's only 4 games at the moment but this is going to grow with time.

It is understandable that other platform fans are jealous and upset they can't have this amazing option on their console, but I think that will also come to them in time. SONY rejected it because they want to push PS now which I think has ridiculous prices and terrible games.

The person canceling EA Access is the minority, probably a 1 out of a 100.
Master-H  +   541d ago
"PS now which I think has ridiculous prices and terrible games. "

-First of all Ps Now is a rental service , EA Access is more like Ps+ but with EA games only.
-Second of all the PS Now prices are bad now but those are not the final prices.
-Finally explain to me the "terrible games" part , PS Now offers way more variety and way more games, better games, from different publishers and PS+ does the same (across three platforms at once), across the three of these services EA Access actually has the worst game offerings being limited to old EA games only.

As a ps4 owner i personally wouldn't sub to EA Access even if it was 20$ a year because i'm simply not interested in those EA games, only EA game i like is Dragon Age 3 and that's not gonna be in the vault any time soon, plus i am getting a used copy anyway because i don't want EA to get my money, i understand other ps4 owners would like the option of having EA Access on the console tho.
IndoAssassin  +   541d ago
Well with Ubi and Activision looking into doing a simular service, I will not support this. I don't want to have a games as service future. I want to own my games.

But it is inevitable.
hiawa23  +   541d ago
When I first logged into Access, I knew it was something I wasn't paying for. Ripoff..
EvilWay  +   541d ago
I bet you will use PS Now though right?
da1writer  +   541d ago
PS Now isn't like EA Acccess though, the uninformed people and those trying to justify wanting EA Access only bring it up.

Let's break this down so others can understand...

PS Now:

Pay per title for a time frame (with prices dropping)

Games are streamed, never on hard drive

No subscription [at this time, they are looking at it]

No free games given out a month

No discounts


2. 72+ Games given out a year - 24 for PS4, 24+ on PS3 (Cross-buy), 24+ on Vita (Cross-buy). That's 6 GAMES A MONTH.

3. All on your hard drive, not streamed (hope you got a big hard drive/memory sticks)

4. Discounts range from 50 - 80% on sales

5. Bonus discounts of 20% if you pre-order certain titles

6. Free Trials for games

7. Cloud saves

8. Early Beta Access

EA Access:

2. 4 GAMES initial....unknown how many a year on one platform (but how many EA titles can they give away a year?)

3. All on your Hard Drive, not Streamed (with the little amount of games, hard drive should be fine)

4. 5 Day Early Access to games

5. 10% Discounts on titles

So which of the PlayStation services sounds like EA Access?
The only reason you would even bother mentioning EA Access in the same category as PS Now is because it's the only argument to give in regards to pricing. I mean I understand those who do because Comparing EA Access to the service it's actually like, PS+, then EA Access looks like a really crapy deal.
Death  +   541d ago
Of the 72 games a year, which are worth downloading? It's nice that you think all are worth playing, but not everyone feels the same way. I recently let my sub expire since not many games have appealed to me and the really good games that hit I already bought. At the end of a couple years I could have bought and owned the few I downloaded. Everyone perceives value differently.
da1writer  +   541d ago
@Death That last part was meekly an opinion but my comment was more towards showing the difference's between EA Access, PS+, and PS Now and which EA Access is like and isn't like PS Now. Apologies if you feel PS+ is not worth it, I have all three [PS] platforms for me to take advantage of the program. It's all opinion based of course, thought I'd pipe in to at least show that PS Now really should be part of this conversation as it's nothing like EA Access.
Majin-vegeta  +   541d ago
Best thing to happen to x1 owner and the industry :).

If you stop paying you lose access right??
#10 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
marlinfan10  +   541d ago
yeah you don't get to play the games anymore. understandable though, people would just pay the $5 for a month and download all the games on it if you could keep them
iistuii  +   541d ago
Sold his B4 for £25 & bought EA access. Still got access to B4 plus the other games, then will get to have a go on all the EA Sports games before release. They will add NFS I expect soon. Can't see how it's a bad deal.
timlot  +   541d ago
I really wish Sony would have accepted EA Access too, because these negative EA Access comments and articles from fanboys are getting comical. Its a good value now and will get better in the future. Don't know what else to say. Enjoy next months PS+ two free Indie games "Smash the bug or something twin stick shooter something".
#12 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   541d ago
Traded in Bf 4 got 32$ so not only did i make my money back i still got to keep Bf 4 and got 3 other games for free. If you don't think that is a steal then i don't know what can be deemed a "deal".
CramShaft  +   541d ago

I just did the same thing today. It is basically a free trial of the service for a year, plus gave me access to 3 games I haven't played yet. So for me it is a good value. I guess people forget that value is subjective.
iistuii  +   540d ago
Exactly. People on here are fools.
N8  +   541d ago
I got a month as soon as my six hours of madden is up its getting canceled. I have the rest of the games on Ps4. I let my friend talk me into something I didn't need again.
#14 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tommygunzII  +   541d ago
The bubble cant bust fast enough at this rate.
FayZ_  +   541d ago
try new games 5 days before release
more vault games (games to keep) to be added (already has 4 AAA titles) would like to see nfs included
discount on all dlc

just trade in bf4 if u already have it, pay the $30 and you have bf4 + the 3 other games + more games to be added and try any ea game for free 5 days early.

ea access is a great offer this article was probably made by a butthurt sony fan, ps now is a rip off and who would pay so much for old games you could pick up for $1 and KEEP. lol
#16 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
InTheZoneAC  +   541d ago
Been saying it. EA is not in it for the customer. The same company that has idiots buying "shortcuts" for their games because they don't want to take the time to normally play the game to unlock items, like we've been doing our whole life, is hoping these same customers buy into EA Access.

And people will defend buying shortcuts because they have a life and don't have time to start with limited options and want to enjoy the full game....but my argument is that if you don't have time to play the game like a normal person, why would you spend more on it? Why would you spend so much more for a game that you'll never get to fully enjoy? Hypocrite much?

Back to EA argument is that you do get these 4 games, but no one knows if you'll continue to get free games later. That was never promised and is an unknown. But these people just assume it'll keep going on.

I also argue that getting to play a game for a total of 6 hours, one week before release is a rip off. And suddenly after EA Access is announced people forget that EA and every other company has always given us FREE DEMO'S to the game before release...

They say I don't see the value, but they don't see that they're just now paying for what should be free demo's.

Now onto the discounts. At $30 a year you must spend $300 before you even get a penny back. At $5 a month you must spend $600 a year before you even get a penny back. Again, this is EA and nothing has changed. They will coat their service with shiny objects and flashy words and convince these people that this service is about the customer and give them deals.

EA loses nothing out of this and they're just preying on impulse buyers.

Then some will say it's about the Vault. If you play a sports game each year this is irrelevant to you as you'll already have the game by the time a sports game is released in the Vault. And like I started early in this post, EA will not go out of it's way to give you great games later on, unless they feel like people have already bought them. It's no guarantee you'll get more games or a certain amount of games a year and there's no guarantee you'll get anything you'd like that you don't already have.

And some will say how is this any different than PS+? Because PS+ has value, constantly gives you games and gives you discounts all the time. If you need a better understanding just look up PS+ free game list history. If you see something you've never heard of don't just assume it was bad. With EA, you pretty much know about all their games so there's no doubt of whether or not you missed on a good game or not.
N8  +   541d ago
You are so right.
Brooklynbully718  +   541d ago
ShaqSoda  +   541d ago
If Sony accepted EA Access, ps4 fanboys wouldn't be saying it's a bad deal. But since only Xbox can get it, it's bad deal.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   541d ago
most people dont want it to succeed because then all we end up with is paying a subscription to every developer for the opportunity to play demos "early" or get things at a discount, which they already are a lot of the time in the PS Store,XBL, Steam, or amazon. Early is in quotes because they could release the demo at that time to everyone if they wanted. They are essentially holding it back from everyone else. This entire thing was set up to guarantee EA a stream of income off people who might not even buy their games. Its crap like this thats destroying the industry for us gamers.
#19.1 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
memots  +   541d ago
So lets turn that around shall we?

Since you are a MS fanboy and its exclusive you think its a great deal? yup we see that a lot just look at the usual suspect in these thread.

Same B.S

Bottom line is its a slippery slope and i think its dangerous for gaming in general, No more ownership and simply renting the content a la netflix is not something i want. If this is a success it could have major implication for the future.
#19.2 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DougLord  +   541d ago
The only people complaining about EA access are Sony trolls that will never buy an Xbone but secretly want access to the service. Xbone owners either love it and buy it, or don't see the value and don't buy it - because EA isnt forcing this on anyone
turdburgler1080  +   541d ago
The only reason I don't have it yet is because I have all those games. Once it gets some more titles I'll sign up. Cool app.
Tedakin  +   541d ago
This has been out a week. Maybe wait till more content comes up before judging it?
ThatOneGuyThere  +   541d ago
people get REALLY defensive about this thing.
memots  +   541d ago
At one point they are the most hated publisher and worst company ever , next they release something only on a single platform and the defender and EA lover pop out of nowhere. Funny how that goes eh?
#23.1 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeoGamer232  +   541d ago
I think the service is a good idea, but for me it did not work and I cancelled last week when UFC went on sale for X1...

I went to buy UFC on X1 expecting an extra 10% off the 33% discounted price, but the sale price didn't stack for me... That made the subscription useless as I often wait for EA games to go on sale before I buy them. By not giving me an additional 10% off all I was doing was paying $30 a year to EA as I buy all the games eventually. I phoned XB Support and they offered to refund the subscription so I took it.

EA has to do more to make this service valuable... In addition to the 10% off regular prices, they should give EA Access members who buy on day one, the games a full week before release date, include all pre-order content from all retail stores, and include game DLC/Season Passes.

As it stands, there is just not enough incentive to buy games at regular retail price digitally through this service on day one, and then an additionally $10-80 in DLC/Season Passes after.
Crazay  +   541d ago
I'm a HUGE fan of the EA Access already. I totally see the value in the vaulted games. What the hell did you guys expect? AAA titles to be posted as soon as 3 months after release? Give your heads a shake guys. For a paltry $30 a year this is a SOLID deal.

I played BF on Xbox 360 but can always appreciate more achievements. I also flat out refuse to pay full price for Madden any more so waiting a while to get to play it is all OK by me. Hell, there's enough games out there on an annual basis that I have little to no issue skipping EA titles with the hopes that they'll be in Access within a calendar year.

The program is still in it's infancy. it's going to grow like crazy.
#25 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MrWegman  +   541d ago
I think this is a great service (had no problem spending 30 bucks on this)… if you already own the games in the vault then this is not a good deal. The only game I had prior to this was Peggle 2…
Gore-Content  +   541d ago
Yea, this sh*t is not #ForThePlayers. Sony is #ForThePlayers.
Kingoftherodeo  +   541d ago
so you got 3 AAA tittles and peggle 2. not to mention you will get to try the full game of madden 15, sure it might be for 6 hours play time only. when has madden ever given full game trial they usually give you two teams and thats it. people still try to make downplay this title. those 4 games a year for 30 bucks is a great deal no matter which way you try to slice it. even if you already own those games via disc you can sell them to gamestop and end up with 70+ dollars.
S2Killinit  +   541d ago
considering the lack of content it doesn't matter if it was a dollar a month. the games would become stale.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   540d ago
Your comment doesn't make sense. You think $1 a month wouldn't be worth it?
A new game is what $60 dollars? So that one game lasts more than 60 months to be worth it?
S2Killinit  +   540d ago
well, for me at least, I don't like to play sports games that are not the newest edition. So, if for example, Fifa is the one I'm interested in, I usually get it when it comes out. In EA access your paying to play older games, If they only update each of these Sports games once a year, then your always playing a game thats not the newest edition. IF so, then, its not worth it to me. Had there been more games, and more variety of games, then we would be having the different conversation.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   540d ago
To the people cancelling - why the hell subscribe in the first place?! We all knew what games were available so its not exactly a surprise.
I think its a good deal, if you want to play those games.
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