JM | PlayStation Now Beta First Impressions

"PlayStation Now is Sony‘s attempt to recreate the convenience of Netflix, but with video games. With a roster of over 100 PS3 games, and with many more to be added later, is the gaming community ready to start streaming games?"

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SaffronCurse1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I gave Killzone 3 a go and there was very little latency, but still noticeable. The image quality was pretty good however what killed it for me was for the lack of Dlc that was included in the rental.

I had bought the dlc for kz3 on ps3, I should get access to the content that I had previously purchased for the game. The service does have some promise, but Sony need to fix their pricing by either introducing a subscription model or lowering the prices to a reasonable amount.

Just my two cents.

ExPresident1499d ago

Just a heads up Sony has said they do not handle pricing, its up to the publisher. Obviously, in regards to KZ3 Sony would be, but generally speaking they've said its up to the publisher.

choujij1499d ago

So the service is deece, but the pricing is the main concern? I really wish they would begin to offer a monthly all inclusive type service (a la netflix), in addition to the stand alone rentals.

harrisk9541499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The prices have changed considerably in the last month. I actually think that the 7 day pricing on most of the games is in the ballpark now. If you haven't looked lately, check it out. I do so at least once a week to see if there is any progress and there has been.

Aside from that, the stated goal by Sony is to have PS Now on televisions, tablets, blu-ray players, etc. If you could rent a PS game for $7-$10 for a week and not have to own a PS3 or PS4, that could be appealing for some people and could lead to the purchase of a PS4 if they like what they see on their television, tablet, etc.

Then add a subscription model for those who own a PS4 with discounts for PS+ members.

DarkOcelet1499d ago

If only it has a subscription value like netflix , it could be one of the best things ever for gamers .

Smitty20201499d ago

Now this is what I want! If not I won't touch it

system221499d ago

i've had mostly favorable experiences with PSNow, but I would still prefer the games be executed locally rather than streamed. I have a really fast connection and would on occasion experience lag and even at its best, the image quality still had a really fine residue of compression. not terrible, not a deal breaker, but definitely there. My biggest gripe has been price but I'm fully aware that pricing will most likely be in a perpetually fluid state depending on market demands.

ExPresident1499d ago

I've only played like two games on it to test it, one was Dungeon Keeper. I've got a 25mb up/15 dl connection and never experience lag when I'm playing. That being said when using PS Now I had some latency in Dungeon Keeper. The graphics were fine and the latency, little as it was, wouldn't keep me from trying more single player games, but I wouldn't attempt a shooter in it, especially if MP was involved.

I haven't tested other games because I played Dungeon Keeper when it was free and I refuse to pay these rental prices to try these games out. When it drops the prices, or a subscription service that makes sense is announced I'll consider it.

vongruetz1499d ago

My experience for a week with Sniper Elite was, for the most part, really good. $7 for 7 days and I played pretty much I will ever play of the game. I don't have the best internet and yet I only rarely experienced any problems. I had the controls stutter a few times, but overall it was very good.

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