Uncharted 4′s Nathan Drake Looks Different, Now Looks a Lot Like a Certain Actor

With each iteration of Uncharted, Nathan Drake appears to looks slightly different. He originally was compared with Nathan Fillion, leading to rumours (or more like hopes) that the Firefly actor would eventually play the treasure hunter and adventurer Nathan Drake in a movie. However, in Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake looks like a different person yet again, and he looks more like a famous Hollywood actor. Could Naughty Dog have done the same thing they did with The Last of Us and accidentally create a main character that looks like a real life actor?

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-Foxtrot1190d ago

Maybe it's just because the graphics have become better and Drake has become older

I mean you could do a celeb look a like with the majority of game characters

I would hate if if he was cast as Drake, he just wouldn't be able to pull it off. Renner is a good actor but he's too serious for this kind of role.

thorstein1190d ago

I agree. And, I think Renner is just too short.

SuperBlur1189d ago

like, he cant do a roller coaster ride too short.

starchild1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Yeah, and I think he looks even more like Nathan Fillion than he ever did.

Now that there is so much detail in the face and the facial animations I was amazed how similar he looked to Nathan Fillion in some of the expressions and stuff.


He looks more like Nathan Fillion than any other actor that I have seen.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1189d ago

The wife says Josh Duhamel from transformers. Possibly younger drake

lawgone1189d ago

He's 5'10. That's not short.

bigrob9041189d ago

he's 5'10" thats average height.

Feldman90001189d ago

5'10"? Um, that's way short.

GameSpawn1189d ago

The actor matter some because you want someone fairly close in looks. However, what is more important is acting ability. Nolan North has set a bar both with his voice acting and motion capture that almost no one but Nolan North can match.

I think Fillion can match North's attitude as Drake, but it will still be off by a bit. If North couldn't do it for any reason I'd settle with Fillion. The makeup dept would have a hell of a time getting Fillion to look like Drake though -- North is a dead ringer (this is probably because the animators included some of North's own features into Drake -- it's common for CG characters to inherit their voice actors' features).

Sorry for keeping the post short -- typing on an iPad.

HollywoodLA1189d ago

Yeah, because short actors don't appear tall on camera lol...

XB1_PS41189d ago

Never once in a movie, have I thought wow Tom Cruise is short. That's because they film to make him look taller. They'd do the same with Renner, and Renner isn't even short. He's 2" shy of 6'.

thorstein1186d ago

Sorry guys, but Robert Downey Jr. is 5'8"

Here is a pic of him with Renner:

thorstein1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

And Scarlet is 5'3"

Chris Evans is 6'

And Sam Jackson is 6'2"

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iamnsuperman1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Too me it just looks like an older Drake with increased detail.

Also agree he wouldn't make a good Drake. But they need someone with that level of fame

morganfell1190d ago

I do not think it resembles Renner at all. Not even close. Another actor actually comes to mind...

Flannigan also has a natural Drake personality:

SniperControl1190d ago


Spot on, Flanigan is a bloody legend, he was awesome in Atlantis, always wondered why his career never took off after that.

He would need to beef up though, bit skinny.

-Foxtrot1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Thing is you can never have both. You either get an actor who has massive amounts of star power or you have someone who has no fame at all but looks/sounds just like the games character

I mean I'd rather have Nolan North in the films. He's not as young I agree or has star power for advertising but I'm sure Hollywood magic can make him look younger.

I'd rather have someone like that then a big name actor who's only purpose is to attract an audience...not because he can actually pull off the role.

Honestly I'm sick of people saying things like "Fillion is DRAKE" when they forget all about poor old Nolan North.

They are roughly the same age and they are people who wouldn't be able to pull in a massive crowd for the box office despite if Fillion has been in more stuff.

Oner1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Completely agree Foxtrot. An Uncharted movie with Nolan North playing the character that actually voices/inflects etc Drake but in real life would make the movie a success in itself more so than a big name actor, especially in the gaming community alone.

Myze1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Sadly, the actor is fairly unimportant with an uninspired director. Seth Gordon is no superstar director, and in fact, based on his directing past, the movie will be a comedy (Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses, Parks and Rec, Community, Modern Family, The Office, etc.) and will not be any good because of it. (Don't get me wrong, I really like most of the shows he's worked on...not so much the movies.)

Also, there are no big name writers with a good body of work attached to it either. I'm not sure what it matters who plays the part of Drake with the current line-up against the movie. Everything is shaping up to be, at best, a throw-away comedy movie with some action thrown in that's decent for a single viewing from Red Box or Netflix.

Obviously it would be great if I am able to change my mind when the movie is released, but with something like this (and pretty much all video game movies), it's much better to keep expectations very low.

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Fullmetalevolust1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Not only does he look older but he looks beaten down and it's probably taken out of a very vulnerable moment in the game.
Not sure what the time span is between games but his looks have matured between games, if I'm not mistaken.
I'd love to see Nolan North and or Nathan Fillion get the role, and some may shoot me for saying so, but I think Brendan Fraser wouldn't be so bad either.
Edit: just saw a recent pic of Nolan North, Nolan North= Nathan Drake, it's uncanny, down to the wrinkles! hehe

N0gg1nsh0tz1189d ago

Naughty Dog said that they are still keeping the tone and all that from the past games the same :). Good to know i'd say, be weird if they changed it now.

mclean_5141189d ago

I agree, but he would be alot better than Mark Wahlberg (I thought he was rumored to be cast)

JetsFool35001189d ago

Idk if its me but he looks alot like Mathew Perry

81jono811189d ago

Chris Pratt would be perfect IMO

-Foxtrot1189d ago

Yes, kind of the few big actors I agree with

He had Drake like qualities in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Blasphemy1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

The new drake does look like Renner. I would love to see him play drake in a movie, he's a good actor.

ChickeyCantor1189d ago

Does not explain the shape of his nose.

assdan1189d ago

He doesn't look like Jeremy Renner lol.

Tapewurm1189d ago

Anything under 6' tall is "short" for a man. 5' 10" is average...but also considered least in the states.

Dante811189d ago

That's what happens with a superficial media culture.

thorstein1186d ago

But Renner is like 5'7" tops. Downey Jr. is supposedly 5'8" and ScarJo is 5'3"

There are red carpet photos of them all together.

Chris Evans is 6' and he towers over Renner.

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Heisenburger1190d ago

I thought he looks like the spitting image of a in his prime Nathan Fillion. Especially from the side. I won't see an Uncharted movie regardless of who was in it. That's just genuinely who I thought he looked like in that reveal trailer.

BitbyDeath1190d ago

Yea, looks nothing like him.

Kavorklestein1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I see it, but why the hell is this the TOP article on N4G?
Who really cares if he looks like somebody?
He's Nathan Drake, and he looks like someone.... What's so important about it?
Don't you Sony fans have Tomb Raider Drama to be over-reacting about?

BinaryMind1189d ago

The article has sensationalist, over-exaggerated title. Those always make it to the top of N4G.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM1190d ago

Damn looks so much like that actor now...

IT would be good I like that actor for if he becomes Drake in the movie that would be good...

the_mack_attack31190d ago

I see it and want to see Fillion take on the role before they do something stupid and get Colin Farrell to take on the role!

gaffyh1190d ago

I think Fillion's personality matches well too.

FriedGoat1190d ago

and his voice, Fillion IS Drake.

Rimeskeem1190d ago

Problem is how old he is to play Drake.

yellowgerbil1190d ago

Collin Farrell is an amazing actor, just watch his stuff that isn't Hollywood crap like In Bruges or 7 Psychopaths
though he isn't near as good a fit as fillion, he even dressed like drake in Firefly

Neonridr1190d ago

I would say Fillion before Jeremy Renner. I immediately thought of the Castle star when I thought of Drake's real life counterpart.

Renner is too serious while Fillion has that sort of aloofness at times that I feel would work perfectly with Drake.

lalalala1190d ago

But Renner's got some Hollywood star power, Fillion unfortunately is nowhere near as popular.

randomass1711190d ago

Kevin Conroy wasn't too popular before he played Batman. They could get bigger actors for some of the other characters. :P

Neonridr1190d ago

Probably the best reason why they shouldn't be going for big name actors. I never agreed with using people like George Clooney to play Batman or Angelina Jolie to play Lara Croft.

ThatOneGuyThere1189d ago

who cares? people dont ONLY see movies for the actor. especially ones based on video games.

JimmyHACK1190d ago

Fillion would be great for it, but would definitely have to hit the gym before shooting. In his prime Fillion would have been a great fit.

frenchtoast1189d ago

@Neon - If a film has a major actor in it, it is more likely to succeed. Renner is right between that balance of being famous, but also will probably be reasonably priced because he's not too famous.

Think about how any films you've watched that are direct to DVD and most likely it's because they don't have a major actor in them.

Neonridr1189d ago

lol, don't get me wrong. I would totally understand why they would use a guy like Renner over Fillion. But since we are playing a game of who would be the better fit and it's all hypothetical.. that is my reasoning for Fillion.

But yes, actors do sell movies.

Again though, a movie like Uncharted is going to have the largest fanbase from people who played the game. So they would see the movie regardless if it had Fillion or Renner as the lead actor. So it could still work.