LittleBigPlanet 3 Create Mode Footage From GamesCom

Little Big Planet fans don’t have to wait any longer to get their first detailed look at the new and improved Create Mode from Sumo Digital’s upcoming Little Big Planet 3.
The video focuses on various aspects of the Create Mode including the new layer system which now has 16 layers available to players for design purposes, even allowing them to create along the Z axis.
Among the new tools added to the game is the Layer Launcher which functions like a bounce pad and moves players from one layer to another.

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scark921499d ago

OMG looks fantastic! HYPE!

Nathan1701499d ago

We get a much better understanding about this game after we watch the video.
It is now on my high priority list.

iamnsuperman1498d ago

I can see puzzles being a big thing in the community made levels where people have to make an object to pass a certain bit

Rimeskeem1498d ago

Is anyone else getting a blue thing across the video?

Patrick_pk441498d ago

Yes, Just watch it on Youtube.

Jughead34161498d ago

My most anticipated game. I think many people write this game off as being a kiddy game, but he creation aspect is so addictive.

Nathan1701498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

So true...
Most people I know just care about cod and fifa,and these kind of games are always under appreciated and are refereed as kiddie games.
It's all about the fun,right?

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