Spawn On Me Episode 26: #MikeBrown lived in Brookago too

As members of the black American community, we are not immune to the events of the past 10 days. We don’t pretend they do not exist and we open the show, with frequent contributor Shareef Jackson, acknowledging how the uprising in Ferguson has affected us and we talk solutions. We then talk about how the gaming media tried to marry real world events to video games. We take N4G to task about its moderating practices and name names.

While all of this craziness was happening at home, the world’s largest gaming convention, Gamescom, was taking place in Germany this week and we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about some the biggest events taking place there. Plus, so much more!

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BeardedPriest1492d ago

With how immature gamers can be... this probably going to devolve into rants about he was a thief (which is alleged) and thus deserved it.

kahjah1492d ago

Probably, my hope is that people listen to our show and take away that fear of police brutality from the black community is not unfounded. I'm hoping it doesn't de-evolve into the usual nonsensical arguments we've seen to negate black lives meaning something.

Matter of fact, let's debunk some of that right off the bat so that we can focus on the actual issues at hand.

1.There is no such thing as "Black on Black" crime.

2. Black people have been speaking up/marching/protesting deaths in their own communities for decades.

3. If Brown did steal something (alleged) it is not punishable by death.

4. Rioting/protesting is an American tradition. Any looting that happened during the first couple of nights was minimal. Please watch the livestreams being broadcast from people on the ground and not broadcast news which has been royally screwing up coverage.

Also I would love to know from people who have websites and post here what they think about the N4G moderating issues we talked about in this episode.

BeardedPriest1490d ago

Its a shame how many people blow the looting out of proportion and use it to downplay the public outcry and act like it isn't legitimate.