Gamer Mondays: Third-Party Exclusives Can be Good

"Last week Microsoft revealed at Gamescom an exclusive partnership with Square Enix that would make Rise of the Tomb Raider an Xbox One exclusive for Holiday 2015. After this announcement was made, as expected, gamers were furious." David Wales, Stealthy Box

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lifeisgamesok1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Of course they can

If I was a publisher and I knew of a developer with a hit franchise that was running into problems financially I'd help them in exchange for a exclusive game/s,

It sucks for gamers that don't own the console but it makes said console a better product

ziggurcat1464d ago

... except the money they gave them wasn't to help the development of the game... which is why it's not purely exclusive.

and i don't see how a timed exclusive makes the xbone a "better product."

mrpsychoticstalker1463d ago


So in the long run, where that franchise goes and everything else, that'll be theirs to drive. But this was an interesting opportunity for us. So when they came to us with the opportunity to do something, absolutely it was something we looked at hard and it worked out, and I'm glad it did.

Work on your reading skills.

ziggurcat1463d ago

nope. that doesn't say anything about SE/CD asking for help in order to fund the game.

nice try.

700p1463d ago

A timed exclusive that goes to pc. So its technically a console exclusive because it wont come out on ps4. Most console gamers do not game on pc.

iamnsuperman1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Phil Spencer said it was (in an indirect way) but I have my doubts. SE had already green lighted the production and they would have been going for about a year already (if it releases in a years time). I actually think SE has no confidence in the franchise (even though it sold well they thought it was a faliure) and so want to get paid (get some external funding) to make it more finacially successful (even though the release window and being on one platform is going to reduce this by quite a lot)

Ridiick1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Agree with ziggurcat, I haven't read about new employee in Crystal Dynamic and they are not going to delay the game to improve it. This money is just to compensate lack of sales. This is money that could be used for development of a new Microsoft game that is not going to exist.

This is bad for everyone and I hope Sony dont copy this way of waste the money. I prefer a new game that couldn't exist wihtout Sony budget that an exclusive GTA6 for Sony. And If I were a xboxer I would prefer more Sunsets and more Titanfall that an exclusive of a game that was going to be launched in may console anyway.

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cfc781464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Third parties should remain third parties keep it neutral and keep everyone happy while helping themselves in the process with the most sales possible though if a developer asks for money for their game to reach it's true potential then that's a different story entirely it seems there's a right and wrong way to go about the situation.

Majin-vegeta1463d ago

If its a new ip i dont mind.But when its a damn sequel that was released on multiple platforms you dont do some bs like that just to keep other platfotms.All ou garnish from that is hate and despise by fans of.other platforms that were

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1463d ago

Base on your statement. Does Bayonetta 2 wounds still exist?

iamnsuperman1463d ago

Bayonetta 2 is basically is more of a reboot than sequel. Without Nintendo it wouldn't exist (though I do question why Nintendo helped a franchise that struggled). Tomb Raider would have. They would have started production, what, a year ago (if it is comming next year)

breakpad1463d ago

off course they can...they must exist third party exclusives or else is not worth buying a specific console only for its first party titles ... whoever says exclusivity is bad is either idiot or clueless about gaming

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