EA Access to limit Madden 15

Madden 15 is headed out to gamers on August 26. With EA Access, gamers can get an early look at the game, unfortunately, it's not for long.

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aquamala1494d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lucreto1494d ago

I have not keeping up to date with the EA access stuff but is it basically you download the full game 5 days early and have access to it for 6 hours during those 5 days then you pay to get the unlock key on release day.

uptownsoul1494d ago

Thats an okay amount…Not a lot but enough to get a good idea of the game…I don't know why people thought they would get an unlimited amount of time on every upcoming EA game

ThatOneGuyThere1494d ago

wait...the early access is only 6 hours long?! hahahahahaha

LAWSON721494d ago

That is longer than no hours at all. In 6 hrs you can get a good idea if a game like Madden lives up to your expectations, and it would be pretty cool to try a game like DAI a week before it launches for 6 hrs and decide if the game is worth the purchase on your own rather than what people tell you.

ThatOneGuyThere1494d ago

you do realize that before this EA would often launch their demos a week before the game came out? if not realize by purchasing EA access you are f*cking over gamers everywhere...right? you guys are amazing consumer whores. and yeah, i realize that a "demo" doesnt offer "everything" but, does 6 hours offer everything? sh*t like this makes me think PSNow is priced fairly. Unbelievable.

sonarus1494d ago

Wow @ 6hrs early access. Talk about TIMED exlclusive sheesh. Why is it restricted for 6hrs that makes 0 sense.

NoeLennon1494d ago

Because everyone in EA access has access to try the FULL game out... Then decide if you want to buy. What did you want, enough time to finish a whole season? Who would even buy SP games anymore..

sonarus1494d ago

Apologies i misunderstood how this worked. 6hrs is cool if you are trying the game. I thought you pay for the game get it a week early then play it for 6hrs and then have to wait another week to keep playing. As you can see that makes 0 sense

ThatOneGuyThere1494d ago

if you can experience the "full" game in 6 hours...the game isnt worth your purchase.

3-4-51494d ago

So 6 hours x5 days = 30 hours of gameplay you get to experience before everybody else.

HOW THE HECK is 30 hours not enough time to "get used" to the game ?

I don't have EA access, and never will get it but this is just dumb to complain about.

Ripsta7th1494d ago

No, you 6 hours to play in those 5 days not 6 hours everyday. Its still good enougg to try out the games and decide if you want to buy the full game

3-4-51494d ago

ahh then that does suck very bad.

4Sh0w1494d ago

If you can't decide if you like a game after 6 hrs then I think you might have a tough time making much more important decisions. Seriously, I think some people are looking for reasons to complain, that's much more generous than I thought it would be, hell I suspect non sports games/SP experiences will be shorter or you might be able to rush through and play most of the games, if not finish.

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GDDR6_20141494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

EA have always said it's limited time with early access . And sheesh how's that first comment trolling?

SliceOfTruth8881494d ago

There is a ton of backlash going on towards this news and i am confused because this is exactly what EA said it was. The only thing thats not for sure is if you get the option to purchase and play the entire game early

equal_youth1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

i just hope this service fails. say goodbye to demos from ea. they have a service for that its called ea access.

edit: sry at people that get offended by my post i just hate on EA for some obvious reasons :/

Mustang300C20121494d ago

So your bitching about access to a limited demo but a service that offers many things including early access to the full version of the game? Demos took away from actual development of a full game. People love to complain just to complain.

ThatOneGuyThere1494d ago

" Demos took away from actual development of a full game" - some guy whos never released a game in his life.

xDHAV0K24x1494d ago

ur crying cuz it's not on ur preferred console. go sign a petition!

equal_youth1494d ago

i am crying because greed burns in my eyes.

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