Remember Me Was "Misunderstood," Dev Says

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of 2013's action game Remember Me thinks that it was misunderstood.

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Relientk771457d ago

Completely agree, beat the game a few weeks ago

One of the overlooked and underrated titles of last generation

just like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

barb_wire1457d ago

Honest question, is Binary Domain any good? I'm always on the look out for little gems of games.

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed 'Enslaved'.

Goro1457d ago

Yes, it's an amazing game and definitely worth playing through. Also i highly recommend the Yakuza series which is the most overlooked series of the generation in my opinion.

Redgehammer1457d ago

I love BD, it's action packed, with a cool story. I'm about a half way through, and have found it exilirating at times. I like the main character being voiced by Full Metal's Roy Mustang, and the squad mechanic. I'm also currently playing Remember Me, and am enjoying it as well. I don't really get the lack of appreciation for the title.
Changing the subject, I am also playing Wolfenstein the New Order, and it's my favorite FPS of the year, thus far.

bunt-custardly1457d ago

The game was one of the most visually stunning from an artistic standpoint. Neo Paris was exceptionally realized. The gameplay simply wasn't up to scratch and could have done with more work.

Venox20081457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

and Shadows of the damned, Killer is dead, Asura's Wrath

Agent_00_Revan1457d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot. The Custom Combo system was cool. Sure the story wouldn't win any awards, but the game itself was enjoyable. And considering I got the game for under $15 (a few months later it hit PS+ for free), I more then got my monies worth.

LordMaim1457d ago

The soundtrack was phenomenal and the concept was solid. Great game with an awful combat system. If they'd tuned the pressen system a little more, and make it more "on the fly" like God of War, I think it would have done a lot better.

Acquiescence1457d ago

I just remember it being not very good.

matrixman921457d ago

i played it on ps+. I will definitely be supporting this company in the future by buying their next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.