Until Dawn lets you choose who dies | Dealspwn hands-on preview

"Until Dawn is a very different kind of horror game, in that it's halfway between a choose-your-own-adventure novel, David Cage cinematic QTE-fest and a Saw film. A good Saw film, if you can imagine that."

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SaveFerris1377d ago

I'm going to try out as many endings as possible including killing/saving everyone if possible and perhaps trophies might be tied in with this.

bouzebbal1376d ago

i tried this game and i loved every second of it. it also has some oldschool horror mechanics where you need different keys and solve puzzles to go further.
Day one 4 sure

SaveFerris1376d ago

Thanks for the info. Bubs to you.

NukaCola1376d ago

Like the Perfect Crime gold trophy from Heavy Rain. So awesome.

ahmedghoula1377d ago

reminds me of the last mission in Mass Effect 2..

but to make the fact that "any character can die" good, you need to make the characters good, make the players care about them, so it would be hard for him to kill them...

WitWolfy1376d ago

Getting this day one!!!

Acquiescence1376d ago


I want the happiest ending of them all.