Jotun Reaches Kickstarter Target; Announces Giant-Slaying Stretch Goals

J Station X writes

"Jotun is a game that puts you in the suitably badass boots of a Norse warrior named Thora as she battles through Viking purgatory trying to make her way to the cushy haven of Valhalla. Naturally, the game also sticks an axe in her hands (that’s far too heavy for our puny, mortal biceps) to make sure she’s well equipped to stab, jab and pummel the ugly out of the titular jotun who are an array of giant elemental beasties.

On her quest for redemption and proving herself to the gods, Thora will also come across runes, puzzles and “many more Viking mysteries” according to the devs, which are all things I very much like the sound of.

It seems plenty of you like the sound of that too as Jotun has reached its Kickstarter goal. But if you’re out of the loop about the indie action adventure title, you can find out more on Jotun and its gameplay goals after the break."

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