Ninja Gaiden 2 Review -

Since its release in '04, Ninja Gaiden has been dubbed the "holy grail" of action games. It's a stick by which all other character action games are measured in the games industry; a real modern classic. Now oh so many years later Team Ninja has finally thrown us a bone in the form of a sequel and the question is: how awesome is it? Well, it's not going to reform your opinion of the genre like the first did for some people, but it's more of what everyone adores and hates about Ninja Gaiden.

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likeaboss3023837d ago

I'm enjoying the game but this review pretty much hits at the same shortcomings I've found with it. I get frustrated as hell at times but I keep coming back for more! I have a feeling the lack of polish in some areas had to do with internal Tecmo affairs.

pirat10fc3837d ago

So many reviews. I personally don't care much about the reviews. If u like ninja gaiden on xbox, u gonna like this one too.

bigpapirick3836d ago

Good review. Helped me decide to rent before buying.

toowicked4u3836d ago

Spot on review IMHO. With so many people gushing about this game, I was expecting a 9/10 game, but after playing, I agree with a 7.5

SonicTechno3825d ago

I could tell as much from the demo. Awesome combat + a not so awesome camera = meh... I'm probably going to rent it though because from what I played it was still fairly enjoyable to say the least(I love me some gore). =)