10 of the Best Indie Games on Steam

There’s a common misconception among gamers that PC gaming is geared towards the hardcore, elitist techno-head who can afford to drop a few hundred quid on the latest equipment every few months – that PC gamers are only interested in running the latest AAA titles with graphical settings on ultra and at 60 frames per second or more. Arguably, there’s some truth in that, but there is side to PC gaming that those of you on the outside may not be aware of. Thanks to online gaming distribution services like Steam, indie titles have been given a creative and open platform to flourish and bring their games to a wider audience, and the really good news is that most are available for bargain prices (during steam sales you can pick up some of these for as little as 99p) and will work on all but the most ancient of machines and laptops. So to that end, here’s ten of the very best indie titles on Steam you really ought to play.

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