Nintendo Has A “Shocking” Pokémon Announcement Scheduled for August 26th, but What Could It Be?

CraveOnline: I was particularly excited to learn that Nintendo, in conjunction with Japanese mega gaming mag Famitsu and The Pokémon Company itself, will be hosting a live-streamed Pokémon event next Tuesday. The official statement says that the new project will be “shocking,” and Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara himself will be in attendance. Also present will be voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto, Aoi Yuuki, and two additional “important guests.” Oh, the possibilities!

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JonnyBigBoss1459d ago

I hope it's game related rather than video content.

novacav1459d ago

Same. Origins anime is cool but we all want that sweet, sweet Pokemon console game.

BiggerBoss1458d ago

A Pokemon open world RPG on Wii U would make me get up right now and go buy one

acharlez1459d ago

That makes at least two of us!

Wedge191459d ago

Pokemon on Vita! Ha, one can dream...

HavokPants1458d ago

POKKEN FIGHTERS jee it's like you all forgot

Foraoise1458d ago

I agree with this statement.

novacav1458d ago


weekev151458d ago

Whilst I agree this would be nice. I feel its too close to the smash release for an announcement.

The wording is that its a "shocking" announcement so its more likely to be this unfortunately.

HavokPants1458d ago

well if it's on wii u pokken will be it
and detective pikachu is already announced i mean there was trailers

insertcoin1458d ago

Hopefully, a Pokemon on Wii U.

novacav1458d ago

That would be dope. If you consider MK8's graphics, the game could look pretty gorgeous.

Lucreto1458d ago

A proper Pokemon Wii U game.

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The story is too old to be commented.