"Triple-A Died In 2010" - The Truth Of Why Games Fail

NowGamer: "Our industry has changed, and these days its either smaller indie titles or big, bombastic AAA games. There's no in-between, because those games that fill this space ultimately fail.

Prime examples of recent years are Bulletstorm, Kingdoms Of Amalur and Spec Ops: The Line - great games, but none of them managed to garner much success at retail.


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Gh05t1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Adapt and overcome!

If you know they will fail than either make a "Bombastic" game or shrink your team and make an "indie" style game on a smaller budget.

I don't particularly agree with him or his opinion but if he knows that style will fail than why do it?

There is also something to be said for a free market system here... If one company can offer 300+ hours for the price of a game and another company cant then what do you expect will happen. Your product isn't as in demand as the others.

All these developers wishing the market would stay the same. It has evolved when we see what we can play for free (F2P games, especially MMO and Dota/LoL Styles) and what we can get for > $10 on the indie scene. The large developers have to compete and that means a larger game for the larger amount we spend.

Not to mention I would say Demon Souls and Dark Souls has done rather well for itself.