Life, The Universe And Gaming: There’s More To Life Than Videogames

An opinion column via EGMR about revelations and realisations, and their effect on the author's gaming habits.

Quote: "Arguably, in terms of personal growth, gaming is pointless in the grander scheme of things. Yes it gives us entertainment and helps us to develop some skills — you might say that it could make you rich but playing football could make you rich and do you spend as many hours on that? — and can even provide us with comfort and a place to belong; I’ve never felt happier in my life (well, there was that one time) than when I was at rAge amongst people I could call my equals, at least in terms of gaming. But that was obviously just because I fed that gaming passion so much. But now it’s obviously different. Now I look at a whole bunch of games and think, “This is going to keep me so damn unproductive while I play all of it. Maybe I just shouldn’t.” And then I go off and do other things instead. "

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Software_Lover1376d ago

Man, that paragraph is all me lol

Genova841376d ago

Sure there's more to life than videogames. However, videogames, cards and drinking are my favorite past times. I don't feel I have to defend how I spend my time to anyone.

I will say that multiple round of NFL Blitz and NHL Hits 2002 are some of my favorite video gaming moments ... Flashback 15 years ago and I would've said mk trilogy and soul caliber, against a friend of course. Mario Kart 64 will get an honorable mention but it was never MY favorite, just everyone elses ...