76% of DC Universe Online players play on a PlayStation console

GameZone: "76 percent of DC Universe Online's playerbase is playing the MMORPG on a PlayStation platform. Of that number, 57 percent on playing on PS4."

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amnalehu1456d ago

I think we will see the same trend with Planetside 2 and Everquest.

Saryk1456d ago

I agree since they are older games and the lack of MMOs for the console. However brand new game will be higher on PC, for a bit anyway.

joab7771456d ago

True. I played for quite awhile until FF14. I just think that merging w/ PC would be cool. I know issues exist, especially for PvP, but it could b worked out. And I think PC players would get over the changes when they saw how populated the world became.

WeAreLegion1456d ago

Sometimes, I forget Everquest Next is going to happen. Those are the dark periods in my life. Thank you for reminding me. :D I can't wait!

Spotie1456d ago

I'll be back on it as soon as I get my PS4.

Ripsta7th1456d ago

Did u have to send yours in for repair too? Lol mine took a week and a half to get it back, getting it back in wednsday though :D

joab7771456d ago

I feel for ya, especially if u play an mmo.

BX811456d ago

It's a sweet game. I played it for ps3. It looks pretty good on the ps4 as well.

ColonelRex1456d ago

Good. Now its time to make a Marvel Universe Online.

joab7771456d ago

Isn't city of heroes 2 being made using unreal engine 4?

WeAreLegion1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

SOE wanted to make Marvel Universe Online, but were turned down. So, they went with DC Universe Online. Marvel had other ideas for what they wanted to do.

Hence, Marvel Heroes... Go ahead. Play Marvel Heroes. Nowhere near as fun as DC Universe Online. It's a shame, too. I prefer Marvel's stories.

Saelyn1456d ago

Tried to play it this one time and I cried.

Baka-akaB1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Not really , you forget that microsoft was already doing a Marvel MMO for xbox 360 with Cryptic studios . Wich MS cancelled like all their planned xbox mmos . And cryptic salvaged the work for the insipid Champions Online anyway

The plans for the diablo like Marvel heroes only came later . Wth Sony already having a relationship anyway with DC (on top of DCUO , they were the publisher for Sony games based comics such as God of War , While Marvel was even doing the Halo comic books)

ColonelRex1456d ago

I tried to play it too and it sucks. Marvel Heros is just a pathetic attempt to get gamers to waste money.

The_Truth_24_71456d ago

Time to stop development on the PS3.

joab7771456d ago

That would help a ton, but how much revenue still flows from the ps3? Quite a bit. FF14 manages to do whatever they want despite the ps3, but I think their PC base is bigger. Also UE3 is a much different animal.

Drithe1456d ago

Considering only around 100 people actually play it. That really isn't saying much. :)

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