DC Universe Online adding new gear to show off more skin, especially for females

GameZone: "Players asked, and SOE is delivering. DC Universe Online players are getting new gear in a future update that will allow their characters to show more skin."

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SuperBlur1493d ago

It just goes in line with the newest Batman Arkham Assault animated movie and the direction DC wants to go it seem, i had never seen a DC movie with that much near nudity scenes

randomass1711493d ago

That ain't the DC animation I grew up with...

gangsta_red1493d ago

The New 52/DC is trying to bring back that over sexualized, big guns, 90's era Image style thanks to hacks like Jim Lee and other Image drop outs.

Jim Lee may be a good artist, but e knows nothing of style and direction plus story telling.

Ripsta7th1493d ago

Wow :/ sad to hear this, havent kept up with comics but sure will miss the noble superheros , Batman being the most Noble

Sonyslave31493d ago

I love that new Dc movie it was amazing and mature not all comics are rated E.


SuperBlur1493d ago

have you seen Justice league the flashpoint paradox? that was some gory stuff

X-231493d ago

I actually like the idea, it shows DC is embracing more adult oriented themes and recognizes they have mature fans too. It's good to see them taking a more adult themed approach with their games and their animation.

Marvel on the other hand seems to delight in doing the absolute opposite and at times I despise them for it. I don't know if Disney is ultimately to blame for this or not, but it just hurts...I'd love to see any X-Men story arc done with the amount of quality and respect for source material DC uses in it's various Animated Movies.

Drithe1493d ago

I came here for the super boobies .... and I like it!

End of line.

DragonKnight1493d ago

Great, I can see what's about to come thanks to this. I'm all for artists being able to do this kind of thing if that's what they want to, but the headaches are coming because of it. *sigh*

Batman Arkham Assault was A)Not really a Batman movie considering he was in it for a cumulative total of about 15 minutes, and B)A FANTASTIC movie thanks to DC actually trying to go more adult with this stuff now. That scene with Harley and Deadshot? YAHTZEE! Loved the whole movie.

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