Nintendo Philosophy: Remakes and “Greatest-Hits”

We’ve all heard about the recent talk of HD remakes for Wii U and other notable attempts made with other franchises like the Zelda and Halo series, but this is not a new market that hasn’t been explored before, albeit in a new medium. The music industry, most notably, has experimented with this kind of strategy and still does. However, the parallels, and miss-parallels, need to be recognized and acknowledged. For the record, I’m grouping re-makes and greatest-hits packages all into one because the common theme they share is one of efficiency, fan acknowledgement, and franchise revival. They both share these elements as they do in other industries where they are deployed as well.

This article talks about Nintendo's pattern with remakes and greatest hits collections.

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lilbroRx1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Remakes have been a recent thing for Nintendo.

They were always about taking the characters loved and doing something different and unique with them.

Every console manufacturer does greatest hits releases.

Couldntfindasn1428d ago

To be honest, i dont care at this point. Give me a Majoras Mask remake, i will buy it gladly.