SOE's next game could be an FPS MOBA set in WWII

GameZone: "Introducing the H1Z1 keynote, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley talked a bit about the roots of the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie-survival MMO. As a result, he might have also revealed the company's plans for a new game -- a World War II, FPS, MMO, MOBA."

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KnightRobby1495d ago

That's...different. Though I admit I'd love to see WWII on new-gen hardware. I think even though there is a lot of hate for COD these days, COD2 was an excellent game.

guitarded771495d ago

Okay... what the hell is a MOBA?

pwnsause_returns1495d ago

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

guitarded771495d ago

Thank's. I'm getting real sick of acronyms. If a writer chooses to use one, it's okay, but you should always use the unabbreviated term at least once before shortening. Journalism 101.

Jdoki1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Well said guitarded77

And if you're after examples of good MOBA's... DoTA2 and LoL are MOBA's with similar POV to RTS games, while Smite is more TPS. This WWII MOBA with FPS POV sounds like OMG!


Acronyms suck


Chard1495d ago

I share your acronym frustration, but really, in this day and age, why wouldn't you just google it instead of asking in a comment section and waiting for a reply?

Bathyj1495d ago


WeAreLegion1495d ago

Yes, please! That sounds incredible!

GeofferyPeterson1495d ago

I thought everyone was dead.