Dead Island 2 is Yager's Take on Infectious Fun | TGH

Vaughn Highfield of TheGamersHub writes:
"Dead Island set itself as a tropical getaway gone wrong, a holiday that became a nightmare where the only solace was knowing there was a way out by slicing, slashing, shooting, and bludgeoning your way out of the situation any way you pleased. While it wasn’t perfect in the polishing department, it was a bit of mindless fun. However, for the sequel, Yager want to go all-out and bring multiplayer into the centre of the action – and true to their intentions our hands-on session at Gamescom certainly seemed to suggest they were on the right track."

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dumahim1430d ago

Sounds like annoying tedium to me.

TheSaint1429d ago

Then don't buy it or read anything about it.....