Why Activision is spending $500 million on Destiny

By Ben Gilbert: "Yes, it's true: Activision is spending half a billion dollars on Bungie's Destiny. Yes, that's true despite Bungie's statement that, "the budget for Destiny, including associated marketing costs and pizza Wednesdays, is nowhere near 500 million dollars." And that's because, when Activision head Bobby Kotick revealed that gargantuan number earlier this year, he was speaking to the entire franchise, not just this September's game."

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Axios21495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Looking forward to trying it out, after all, it will only cost me $60.

Activision doesn't need to make "the next COD franchise" like it says in the article, they already own it AND Destiny. 2014 will be huge for Activision.

joab7771495d ago

Yep. And who thought $500 million for the September release? It's an mmo of sorts, so budgeting is different, as it will continue to expand through patches, and expansions.

And Activision is in the perfect position having both IPs, but they know that Cod will fade eventually and it's next gen future is up in the air after Ghosts. Now, they will have 2 huge IPs (and others for kids), which will allow them to continue making every other game as bad and cheesy as possible.

XiMasterChief1495d ago

Activision does not own the Destiny IP. Bungie is the sole-owner of it. They only have the publishing rights and a 10-year contract.

JeffGUNZ1494d ago

This is true but during the 10 years it's basically like Activision owns it. Bungie can't go anywhere until they satisfy their contract, which sounds like 3 games and DLC/expansions over 10 years. After the 10 years, Bungie can make Destiny 4 with whoever they choose, but if this game is a success it will probably remain with Activision.

3-4-51495d ago

A lot of that $500 is for EXTRA content down the road.

Aren't they going to just keep putting out $20 expansions every 4-6 months ?

JeffGUNZ1494d ago

From my research it appears Destiny will have 3 main games, 2 DLC announced as of now (first one coming out this December) and a team working 24/7 to add daily activities and throw in some new things on the fly. I'm not sure if more DLC will be announced after the first two expansions or if they will have the second installment then. Still pretty unknown on how it will all unfold.

ScorpiusX1495d ago

Crazy that about the same amount MS spent to advertise Kinect 1, that a ton of cash.

xtheblackparade1495d ago

I don't think they paid in cash..

ScorpiusX1495d ago

Do realize that but the statement sounds better with the word cash.

equal_youth1495d ago

i think it will be spend on marketing and dlc. :/

JeffGUNZ1494d ago

This is a franchise that DLC will be welcomed. Also, Bungie is a solid studio, all the DLC they release are worth the price tag. I have no issues paying for a new planet with more missions, maps, explore modes, gear, weapons, activities, etc. As long as the DLC is worth the price tag then it will help keep this game growing between launches. It's not like COD or something like that where they pump out three new maps and a wolf skin for your dog. They have been wording them as "expansions" and not DLC.

hiredhelp1495d ago

$500 hmmm dont suppose get free copy ?

angelsx1495d ago

That 30fps . . . terrible

Strangelover1495d ago

That's because it's coming only to consoles. PC games don't sell and half of all PC gamers are pirates - that's why there are around 1 billion PC gamers worldwide but only 80 million Steam users - others are mostly pirates. But even with Steam games don't sell well on PC - WD sold 2,5 million units only on PS4 while on PC - just 200 000 copies
Activision spends $500 million on Destiny because console gamers will buy it

Daniel_Potter1495d ago

1.How can you possibly pirate an MMO game
These days, lan through hamachi and tunngle doesn't work.
2.Digital distribution only takes 30%, the rest 70% goes to the publisher
On consoles publisher gets only about 45%
3.If talks about the x86 architecture are correct then that means that making a pc version would be a piece of cake.

So, so sum it up, if Activision will decide to release Destiny on pc:
the port won't cost them anything
each purchase on pc will give them more money than on consoles
none of the pc gamers will be able to pirate the game

And btw, here is the list of best selling titels on pc
On the recent ones - Diablo 3 sold 12 million copies. I wonder how much Half Life 3 will sell.

Kivespussi1495d ago

All right, Strangelover... So you're a new troll around here. Gotta say, you're doing a hell of a job with it. 4 agrees with 0 disagrees! Damn! With that kind of a nonsense comment too... Has to be fake accounts.

Anyway, enjoy your stay until you will eventually get banned. Aaand then you make another account because there's nothing else to do. Circle of life.

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